Monday, February 04, 2013

Nelson To Defend WIBA Title March 30 In DC!

Undefeated Ashburn, VA middleweight Tori "Sho Nuff" Nelson will not have a lot of time to dwell on the second straight draw she had against Teresa Perozzi Saturday night in Bermuda.  Nelson (6-0-3) will be defending her Women's International Boxing Association Middleweight title against Maria Lindberg of Malmo, Sweden on Saturday, March 30 at the Renaissance Hotel in Washington, DC.  Babie Girl Promotions is promoting the card.

Lindberg (8-1-2, two KO's) is coming off a six-round unanimous decision over Floarea Lihet on October 12 in Hamburg, Germany.  Lindberg is a former WIBA and WIBF (Women's International Boxing Federation) Junior Middleweight titleholder whose only loss came when she fought for the WBO and WBF Middleweight titles on May 27, 2011.  Lindberg lost a 10-round unanimous decision to Christina Hammer in the Czech Republic.  Lindberg has only fought in the US three times but this will be her second trip to DC.  Lindberg fought Ann Saccurato to a four-round draw in her second pro fight in May of 2004 at DC Tunnel.


G.l.m. said...

Casanda white will mess this show up like she has all of her other ones. Why do men keep letting this woman con them. Nobody wants to be on this card because of her. She has ripped too many fighters off. They never get paid. Poor Tory, not only does nobody care about her fights, now she also has to fight for nothing. Damn shame! I doubt if 23 people show up.

Anonymous said...

Tori Noooooo not Casandra hell know don't ever fight on her show she's a bum bitch fuck no

Anonymous said...

Tori don't do it Nooop she is the fucking worse

Patrick Ney said...

I am no DC boxing indsider, so I take your word that Cassandra White is a terrible promoter (all I know is her website is terribly run). But, she is staging pro boxing cards in the district at metro-accessible locations. Last I checked, I can't take a train out to Rosecraft. So for now, until other promoters step up and start putting shows on in the city, I am going to support these events

Anonymous said...

Where can tickets be purchased? There are three Renaissance Hotels in Downtown DC, btw.

Unfortunately, Ms. Nelson's website doesn't have more fight details either.

Promoters need to get up to date when it comes to selling tickets. If not via ticketmaster, some online system makes the most sense.