Sunday, February 03, 2013

Nelson And Perozzi Battle To Another Draw!

Tori Nelson and Teresa Perozzi have fought 20 rounds of boxing over two bouts in Bermuda and nothing has been settled.  Bermuda's The Royal Gazette newspaper is reporting that the two world champion boxers have fought to yet another 10-round draw tonight at the Berkeley Institute in Pembroke.

According to, both ladies were knocked down in the third round of the contest.  Judge Jack Woodburn of Canada scored the bout 97-94 for Nelson.  Judge William Boodhoo of Canada saw the bout for Perozzi 96-95.  Judge Julie Lederman of the US (and daughter of Harold) saw the draw at 95-95.  Nelson is now 6-0-3 while Perozzi is 9-4-3, one KO.

 Nelson said the following to the Gazette:

“This is getting ridiculous and people just don’t understand how much we put into it being mothers,” she said. “We got to take the time from being a mother to train so hard to come here and get a draw twice. My kids don’t deserve that so I can’t keep taking from my kids doing this and then coming here for this. No, I fight too hard. It’s really frustrating.
“Last time we fought I went in aggressive and I brawled her. This fight I boxed her because they (judges) didn’t give it to me when I brawled her so this time I figured if I boxed her I could get it so I don’t know what they want.
“When I knocked her down I was like ‘okay, that’s good’. But then when I came back she knocked me down too and I was like ‘okay, I have to get this back’ and I felt that I got it back. I wasn’t tired nowhere in the fight, she was bleeding but I don’t know. Maybe I have to be a Bermudian citizen to fight another Bermudian in order to get the win here.”

A member of the Bermuda Boxing Commission posted the following comments on the online version of Colin Thompson's article:

"I feel it was extremely disingeneous of and very unsporting of Tori Nelson to make insinuations that one cannot get a fair decision in Bermuda unless you are a Bermudian boxer. All officials in last night's fight, the Referee and 3 Judges, were from overseas, two from Nelson's country (USA) and two from Canada. It could, therefore, be said that going into the fight Teresa Perozzi was at a 'disadvantage' but she and her camp made no objections or fuss. Another point of note is that the 3 Judges scoring last night's fight were, as is customary in World Title re-matches, different from from the Judges officiating at their October 13th fight. On both occasions the result was declared as a draw! Such a pity that two great fights have been somewhat soured by Tori Nelson's post fight remarks."

Three Virginia amateurs fought on the undercard against Bermudian boxers. Christopher Gooch won his contest over Andre Lambe. Jose Israel Flores lost to Jashaun Thomas and Matthew Abregu fell to Nikki Bascome.


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Anonymous said...

So can Perozzi come to DMV. And lets do this one in a "Once And For All" third bout. So Tori can finish this thing in front of her home crowd.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I would like to see that. However, I'm not sure if the bout draws here in the manner that the two have drawn fans and media in Bermuda.

What might impress the WBC is if Nelson's WIBA title defense March 30th at the Renaissance Hotel in DC draws well. I plan to place a formal announcement about this later in the week.

hokie30sgirl said...

Thanks so much- as always- for your excellent coverage and support of Tori... So, I guess we need to get tickets sold and buses headed to the fight March 30th! Team Tori!