Friday, July 06, 2012

Byarm Stopped In Second Round In Las Vegas!

Maurice "Freight Train" Byarm was stopped in the second round by undefeated Magmoed Abdusalamov tonight at the Hard Rock Cafe Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, NV.

Byarm was rocked late in the first round and then dropped in the second before referee Tony Weeks stopped the contest at 36 seconds of the second.

Byarm has lost two straight --both on national television -- and is now 13-2-1, nine KO's.   Abdusalamov remains perfect at 15-0, 15 KO's.


Anonymous said...

Maurice looked terrible tonight. I hated to see that happen to him. I hope he rebounds from the fight. I think he has alot of potential.

Anonymous said...

Two things should happen when you get dinged.Hands up and head needs to keep moving.One of those he did well but didn't know to move his head.Maurice has alot of ability and hopefully won't let this stoppage discourage him.
From the other side ,this Russian
certainly is a beast and has bricks for hands.
I'm bored with the Klitcho's so it's nice to see some other caucasion talent in boxing.
If this guy can take it as well as he gives it then somebodys in trouble in the heavyweight division.

Billy Bob

Anonymous said...

Another guy that leave the city and get beat no bum of the month shows he will come back to Dc and fight some guys from Sc just like all the guys be from on all the Dc shows

Anonymous said...

I actually thought Maurice did well early on, but he seemed very "aware" of the Russians punching power and may have showed him to much respect. Especially after he hit the Russian and saw the man was still coming.

Physically Maurice has the tools, but now he has to sharpen the mental/psychological game.

But I wish him the best and hope he comes back from this stronger.

EC said...

Yeah, he did well early on until he tried to do the Ali Rope a Dope in the corner. This is his 2nd fight I've seen him on national tv. And he seems to be overwhelmed by the fact his fight is on tv. So his manager seems to be doing a good job in getting him good opportunities. But Byarm needs to dig deeper and represent himself.

Anonymous said...

The train has been derailed and flipped over.