Friday, July 06, 2012

Norfolk Boxing Coach Gloria Peek named to US Olympic Team Coaching Squad!

(Photo courtesy of WAVY-TV, Norfolk, VA)

Many of you who follow amateur boxing in the Mid-Atlantic region probably recognize this lady.  For 34 years, she has been a fixture on the Amateur Boxing scene in the Tidewater area of Virginia and has made numerous trips with boxers to the Beltway area.

Recently, Gloria Peek received perhaps the ultimate honor -- she was named to the coaching staff of the United States Olympic Boxing team, becoming the first woman to obtain this position.

Earlier this year, Peek was up for the position but was turned down.  But as you may know, there have been changes at USA Boxing and Peek was asked if she was still interested.  After thinking it might have been a joke, Peek readily accepted -- on her 62nd birthday!

Congratulations and best wishes, Coach Peek!

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