Saturday, July 07, 2012

Thompson Loses By Sixth-Round KO in Switzerland!

Tony "The Tiger' Thompson's bid to become the oldest first-time heavyweight champion in boxing history came to a thunderous end courtesy of a man who is sure to be a first-ballot hall of famer when his career is done.

Wladimir Klitschko made sure no upset took place in the Stade de Suisse in Bern, Switzerland today when he scored two knockdowns en route to a sixth-round stoppage over the 40-year-old Thompson.  Klitschko successfully defended his WBA Super World championship along with his IBF, WBO and IBO titles.

Unlike their first meeting in 2008, when Thompson had a glimmer of hope to win, no such situation took place in this one as Klitschko was dominant throughout -- not with his fists but his footwork.  Klitschko was the true ring general through most of the bout until he finally landed a crushing right hand that dropped Thompson in the fifth.  Thompson never truly recovered from that knockdown and Klitschko finally finished the job with a bull-rushing type knockdown in the sixth.  Thompson beat referee Sam Williams's count but was in no shape to continue.  The bout was stopped at 2:56 of the round.

Thompson loses for just the third time in his career and the first loss since the first meeting with Klitschko.  Thompson's record is 36-3, 24 KO's.  Klitschko is now 58-3, 51 KO's.


Anonymous said...

36-3 record, thats all it takes is to beat up on fake fighters until you get a payday fight. ex.. cujo. and lets see who else. look at all these guys out here with undefeated records and now cant get a fight because they dont want to step up. Listen there is no one out there left thats a bum to beat up on.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thompson fought pretty much all of the boxers he needed to get the second shot. The fact is that there are very few boxers available. He deserved the shot -- he just didn't do what he was supposed to. It was not a good performance.

As far as Sigmon is concerned, I'm watching Kelly Pavlik and Will Rosinsky and Sigmon did a lot better with Pavlik than Sigmon is doing at this point.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Than Rosinsky is, I should say.

Anonymous said...

Gary certainly you aren't saying that Sigmon did better than Rosinsky at any point in the fight.
I know this is your website but I question your ability to analyze
a fight if you believe that Sigmon is half the fighter that
Will Rosinsky is.
Mr Williams I understand that you stand behind some of the local fighters but this is just to much to believe.
Enough of Sigmon is enough.
The paid off opponets,the false claims that he fills arenas with people,the trash talking and loud mouth arrogant attitude he has is more than myself or anybody else here in lynchburg can take anymore.

Just call me

Gary Digital Williams said...

When I wrote my original comments, Rosinsky had just been knocked down. That's something that didn't happen to Sigmon.

Obviously, Rosinsky finished a lot better than Sigmon did.

I would like to see what proof you have that Sigmon's opponents have been paid off. I can truthfully say (because I have seen the arenas) that Sigmon does sell tickets.

To get a few hundred people to come from Lynchburg to Baltimore and Pikesville says a lot about his drawing power. And probably unlike you, I witnessed that first hand.

Anonymous said...

Gary I have seen it first hand also. When Sigmon came to Baltimore 2 times he brought a bus with people. And for Joe to say he paid off fighters is totally incorrect. Sigmon might lack some boxing skills but he comes on shape an is one tough boxer.

Anonymous said...

Tony thats it for you no more boxing keep your day job dont make Barry and Nate Peak no more money

Anonymous said...

Mr Williams
you know that Scott Sigmon is not one tenth the fighter that Will Rosinsky is.This is a fact.
Scot Sigmon does not bring two or three hundred people to a show on a bus.If he gets 40 or fifty their he's doing lucky.
Anybody thats anybody in boxing knows that Sigmon Pays his opponets off.Either you don't want to admit it or you really don't know boxing.Everybody knows that the wallet stealing theif is behind the seens working with Sigmon , so don't let your friendship with that guy cloud your decision to render a honest decision about a fighter he is involved with.
If you are going to give your oppinion to the public then don't lie for this thug called Cujo.

Gary Digital Williams said...

All I'm saying that no one has shown me proof that Sigmon has paid off anybody. You can make these claims hiding behind a cowardly anonymous post, but send me some actual proof and we'll deal with it then.

And you talk about "anybody who knows anybody" in boxing. If it wasn't for this blog, not too many people would have known who Sigmon is in the first place!

Anonymous said...

Gary, keep up the great work.
Thanks for all you do for Beltway Boxing

Anonymous said...

Agreed,your EXACTLY right and thats one of my points.
Sigmon has used this blog to market himself and sell the fifty or so tickets that he does sell
for a show he is fighting on and puts his videos on your blog with the peoples name that give him money on the wall behind him when he's training and interviews them
and they are starstruck with themselves. He is using you and your blog to make a living.
Hope he is cutting you in on a piece of the action.
I believe that you have a kind nature and you don't want to think anything bad about this guy Sigmon but you will find out that I know what I'm talking about when it's all said and done.
JoJo Greene
And yes I am a coward

Gary Digital Williams said...

Actually, Sigmon has not asked me to put one video on the blog. That is a decision I make. If I think the video or other interview is good enough or newsworthy enough then I put it on there.

No boxer has access to putting videos on my blog. They may ask me, but I don't have to say yes. And what I do for Sigmon, I do for any other boxer in the Beltway area.

And no, Sigmon, nor any other boxer, has paid me a cent for doing it.

Anonymous said...

LMAO @ the Sigmon looks better at this point. Sigmon closed his eyes put his guard up and took an ass whooping. Rosinsky was actually fighting Pavlik and taking chances.

I respect every man that gets in the ring, but that statement is absurd.

Anonymous said...

Early on it DID look like Sigmon was doing better than Rosinsky. That quickly changed however. Can't go back in time and adjust the postings.

Brian said...

Well I can not accurately speak to what Sigmon fills in other places. But I can for certain tell you That on November 10, 2010 in Washington DC, he sold 112 tickets and fought on the show at the DC Star.

So if 100 plus people travelled 3 1/2 to see him fight. I will go out on a limb and say he does triple that when he fights near his hometown.

And seeing we live in the times of "Social Media" why is Gary being criticized and Scott ridiculed for using the mediums to get out there...Looks like good marketing and branding from where I stand.