Friday, July 28, 2006

Boxing Along The Beltway Celebrates One-Year Anniversary!!

Happy Birthday to Boxing Along the Beltway! The blog celebrates its first birthday on Saturday, July 29! Here's my way of saying thanks!

For those who can't hear the audio posts, let me say that I will be on vacation for about two weeks, so the posts will not be as frequent. But, I will be back in time for the events from August 9-12.

this is an audio post - click to play


Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, Thank YOU man.

From me and everyone else down in VA.

Mike Sawyer

brad dudley said...

Congrats big time on your anniversary.This site is very informative,I ve enjoyed it everyday. Have a great vacation and I will see you in OC on the 12 and thanks again for putting the poll up......"the Auctioneer"

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Ditto what Mike said.

Anonymous said...


You know I'm "old school". When I first heard about your Blog, my initial comment was "what's that?" Well a year later, I can say, "now I know!!" Keep up the great work!

Fight Doctor (AKA Jerome Spears)

Discombobulating Jones said...


You are certainly worthy of your name, having gone high tech with the blog. It's amazing how very far you've come in the last 20 plus years I've known you. Our good buddy, who inspired both of us, would be proud, the late, great "Panama" Mike Payne. Stay on the cutting edge my friend... I see something great about to happen for you! Peace and blessings...

-Discombobulating Jones