Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Men's US Olympic Trial Qualifier In Baltimore To Be Postponed!

Baltimore, MD was scheduled to be the host city for the second United States Olympic Trial Qualifier September 7-12.  However, USA Boxing has reported that the men's version of the qualifier has been postponed.

USA Boxing's website does not list the reason for the postponement, simply saying that the delay was "due to circumstances beyond our control."  However, BATB has learned that the reason is due, in large part, to the evolution of men's amateur boxing.

Since 2013, the USA Elite Men's Division -- the division that sends boxers to the Olympics -- has had its competitors box without headgear.  However, the state of Maryland does not allow amateurs to compete without headgear. There was a hope that the qualifier could be moved to Washington, DC.  However, DC also does not allow amateurs to box without headgear.  USA Boxing has not made a decision on where to place this qualifier.

As of now, the Women's US Olympic Trial Qualifier (since they still wear headgear at the Elite level) is still scheduled for September 7-12 in Baltimore.  That will be the second and final qualifier for female boxers. We'll keep you posted on what takes place.

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