Saturday, January 17, 2015

Quigley Stops Allen In Second Round Of Wild Bout!

Gerome Quigley has stopped Norman Allen in the second round, but it wasn't easy.

In the first round, Quigley looked to be in control of the bout.  However,  Quigley walked right into an Allen counter right hand and was dropped.  However, Quigley went back to work and knocked down Allen three times with hard right hands.  There is no three-knockdown rule in DC, so Allen lasted until the second round.

Not very long, though.  Just 19 seconds into the second, Quigley landed another crushing right hand that sent Allen to the canvas for the final time.

Quigley is now 6-0, five KO's.  Allen dropped to 6-12, three KO's.

Next:  the return of Renaldo "Misunderstood" Gaines as he faces Arthur Parker of Lancaster, PA. Four rounds, featherweights.

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