Sunday, September 21, 2014

Our Beltway Kings and Queens!

This weekend was very special for me in many ways.  Being able to spend some time with many of the boxers I have covered over the last 30 years all in one setting was just fantastic!

Here are two special photos that I would like to share.

These are our version of the "Four Kings" -- the men who held their world titles at the same time in the mid-90's:  From left to right:
Keith Holmes, William Joppy, Sharmba Mitchell and Mark Johnson.

This is a photo that I have always wanted to have.  When I started covering the Beltway Boxing scene, Mitchell was becoming established as a well-known prospect in the sport.

 However, the other three were just starting out as pro boxers and to see all four of them develop from the very beginning to become the outstanding boxers they were was a privilege and a time in my life that I will always cherish.

Another opportunity presented itself -- three of the four women who have won world titles in the BATB Era where also in attendance at last night's card.

 From Left to Right: Lisa Foster Cohen, Tori Nelson and Isra Girgrah Wynn.  Only Jennifer Salinas was missing.

 Not too many boxing areas can claim four female world champions in its history, but again, the Beltway Boxing scene is very special and unique and I enjoyed watching these special ladies hold the banner of women's boxing high.

Again, for someone like me who has been covering this area as long as I have, this weekend was extremely memorable!

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