Monday, September 22, 2014

Beltway Boxing Honors Gilbert Ware!

During a weekend in which many of the Beltway's boxing legends were honored, there was one more ceremony held for the man who helped many of those boxers receive opportunities to box in DC.

There was a get-together on September 21 to honor Gilbert Ware, the former deputy commissioner of the District of Columbia Boxing and Wrestling Commission.  The location was QuBall 1 pool hall in Capitol Heights, MD, a location Mr. Ware was very familiar with as he was quite the pool shark in his day.

However, many of the people, like myself, were there to thank Mr. Ware for his more than 40 years of service to boxing both in the Beltway region and abroad.

I have said many times that Mr. Ware played a major role in starting my boxing journalism career as he gave me an opportunity -- sight unseen -- to start broadcasting cards in the mid 80's and I am always indebted to him.

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REGINA KIM said...

Very Good person, I hope he stays healthy.