Saturday, June 14, 2014

Weights From Springfield, VA!

Here is the scale watch for tonight's Jeter Promotions/RBA Promotions Card at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, VA:

Stan Williamson 241 vs. Keanu Braithwaite 239

Bobby Gunn, Jr. 145 vs. Evan Codin 149

Lavarn Harvell 178 vs. Edgar Perez 178

D'Andre Smith 153 vs. Nathan Petty 151

Chris Vendola vs. Valriquas Bullock (both will weigh today)

The card is slated to begin at 7 PM.


Anonymous said...

Weak card

Anonymous said...

shits gonna be empty

Anonymous said...

Sad excuse for a boxing card

Anonymous said...

Money and good matchmaking connections make solid club fights. Without both, a pro boxing show will fail.