Friday, February 21, 2014

Scott Drops Six-Round Unanimous Decision!

Zakki Scott has suffered his first loss as a pro as he drops a six-round unanimous decision to Robert Alfonso.

Alfonso outgunned Scott throughout the bout and Scott had nothing of real significance coming back.  Two judges scored the bout a shutout, 60-54 while the third saw the bout a little closer at 58-56.

Scott drops to 4-1, one KO while Alfonso is now 4-0.

Main event is next:  Mark "TNT" Tucker battles Paul Vasquez.  10 rounds light heavyweights.


Anonymous said...

Hey Zakki,.... three strikes: trainer,management, and matchmaker! Better success to you next time out.

Anonymous said...

Strike 4 would be...dude shouldn't be a heavyweight. He is Tiny. 5'10 tops..he should work out more and drop a class or two

Anonymous said...

He likes mama's cooking so losing weight aint gonna happen

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Zakki isn't being force fed, so we can just assume he is partly undisciplined on his eating habits. I said that to say this,.... if a trainer,manager and matchmaker toss him to a Cuban former Olympic rep at that weight and at this point in his career.....I don't wanna be around none of them folks!