Sunday, December 15, 2013

Silver Gloves Champions Crowned at Rosecroft!

A number of boxers won Silver Gloves titles Saturday at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD.  Here is the list.

8-9 Years Old:

60 Pounds:  Damari Philson (Langdon) unopposed

65 Pounds: Lonzo Malcolm (Keystone) unopposed

10-11 Years Old:

55 Pounds: Jordan Roach (No Xcuse) unopposed

60 Pounds:  Cutino Oliver (Upton) unopposed

65 Pounds: Anthony Wheeler (Keystone) over Mekhi Phillips (Keystone)

70 Pounds:  Quincey Williams (Tony's Gym) over Tyreek Williams (The Answer)

85 Pounds:  Stacey Selby (No Xcuse) over Daylynn Jones (No. 11 Overcomers)

95 Pounds: Keith Bagwell, Jr. (Charm City) unopposed

115 Pounds:  Tyree Gilmer (Upton) unopposed

Semi-final results:

75 Pounds:  Jacob Matthews (Enigma) over Jabril Lee (Charm City)

80 Pounds: Maximus Garland (HeadBangers) over Kesean Bagwell (Charm City)

12-13 Years Old:

70 Pounds: Cobe Lancaster-Bey (Woodland Tigers) unopposed

75 Pounds: Kevon Cooke (No Xcuse) over Khalil Phillips (Keystone)

95 Pounds: Donte Baytop (UMAR) unopposed

100 Pounds: Keith Cooke (No Xcuse) over Mekhi Payne (Keystone) 

106 Pounds: Edwin Angel (The Answer) over Cory Matthews (Enigma)

112 Pounds: Vincent Goedecke (Legends) unopposed

119 Pounds: Siete Shuler (Langdon) unopposed

125 Pounds: Michael Tymas (Langdon) over Nasheed Smith (HeadBangers)

132 Pounds: Jaharree Mack  (Enigma) unopposed

139 Pounds: Lorenzo Simpson (Upton) over Wilfredo Aguilar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Semi-final match:

90 Pounds:  Malik Warren (Charm City) over Philbert Griffith (Sugar Ray Leonard)

14-15 Years Old:

90 Pounds:  McKinley Fulton (Upton) unopposed

100 Pounds: Jaszel Henderson (No. 11 Overcomers) unopposed

106 Pounds: Jordan Hunter (Keystone) over Jay Cromwell (Dream Team)

112 Pounds: Dwayne Holmes, Jr. (unattached) unopposed

119 Pounds: Sergio Bolanos (HeadBangers) over Shadid Bond (Charm City)

125 Pounds: Ameer Brown (The Answer) unopposed

139 Pounds: DeMario Brent (The Answer) unopposed

147 Pounds:  Brian Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Joey Veazey (Baltimore Boxing)

156 Pounds: Steven Clark (Sugar Ray Leonard) unopposed 

178 Pounds: Max Davis (Upton) unopposed


Anonymous said...

Stacey Selby is with No Xcuse now. He is no longer with Langdon.

Gary Digital Williams said...

When did this happen?

Anonymous said...

he is still with langdon.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Actually, no he is not. I just spoke to folks with Langdon who say he has left there and is, indeed, with No Xcuse.

Anonymous said...

this breaks my heart to see, amateur boxing in dc never had unopposed champion just 7 years ago, these tournaments would go on for weeks and weeks and we would have such a strong team