Saturday, August 03, 2013

Professional Bouts at Club One Fitness Starting Shortly!

(Photo by Juan Marshall)

First up, Cambridge, MD's Dontre King facing Forestville, Md's Norman Allen in a four round contest. (L) Allen    

Referees for tonight.
Kenny Chavalier 

Brent Bovell


Anonymous said...

Brent Bovell ....what a retard!

Anonymous said...

Brent doesn't know when to stop a school bus yet alone a freakin fight. This mofo is scared to let the guys fight. Get your sissy ass out of the sport! Bit_h!

Anonymous said...

This dude Brent is almost as bad as Kenny! Unbelievable they could be in the same venue at once. Total shit x 2 !

Anonymous said...

Kenny Chavalier and Brent Bovell are both fucking retards. I wouldn't let limp dick Chavalier referee a Cat fight in my yard but now Bovell you have joined the list. Scared ass bitches don't know what to do if a fight breaks out....your not a principal your a referee. Bovell your stoppage of Stevenson vs Robertson was absolute shit and this isn't Robertson or Sigmon talkin. I'm another person who knows you guys are shit and I will keep calling you out one bull shit stoppage at a time!

Gary Digital Williams said...

And you will do it without having the guts to put your real name or any name on your posts! WOW!!