Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Beltway Amateurs Compete in Ireland August 17!

(Photo courtesy of Brent Bovell)

Ten Beltway amateurs are in Belfast, Ireland at this time getting ready to compete in the 2013 Belfast-Beltway Boxing Classic to be held on Saturday, August 17 at the Europa Hotel.  The locals will be competing against a number of Ireland's talented young boxers.

This is the fifth edition of this event and the second straight year the Beltway contingent has traveled to Northern Ireland.  Here is a list of the boxers making the trip:

Jalonte Cole

Troy Isley

Da'Nardo Johnson

Jalen Jones

Hakeem Middleton

Adam Mitchell

Jahamel Smith

Deonte Washington

Marcus Willis

Nico Woods

Best wishes and a safe return home!


Anonymous said...

Really glsd for these young men but aren't their any caucasion youth that are talented enough to go along for the trip.

Anonymous said...

It's obvious the person above that commented is white.. If there where Caucasian fighters in the P.V.A. it would've been a pleasure to send them on this trip, in fact wit caucasian fighters there will be more sponsorship & more trips such as this for the youth!!! Since you want to bring race into who went on this trip...

Anonymous said...

You are inaccurate
My mother was white but not my father

Anonymous said...

I'm very accurate because a few of the fighters that's on this trip there biological fathers are white!! Just deadbeat dads but was man enough to sleep wit black women once the women became impregnated no where to be found,so show support instead of bringing race into who's on this trip!! Because its only one race & that's the human race!!!