Thursday, August 15, 2013

BATB Podcast Announcement Part Two -- Live From...!

Here is the second part of the announcement concerning the Boxing Along The Beltway podcast heard on and now on

IHeartRadio's selection of the BATB Podcast has opened a lot of doors.  The Spreaker plan I was using was costing me 39 dollars a year with the opportunity to broadcast live for 45 minutes at a time.

Now, because of the IHeartRadio connection, I have been automatically upgraded to the ultimate plan -- that normally costs $119.99 a month -- for FREE!  Included in that plan is the ability to create unlimited live broadcasts, although there is a limit of five hours in order for the broadcast to be archived on Spreaker and later heard on IHeartRadio.

And that leads to the meat of this announcement: Depending on the internet capability of each arena we go to, and with the approval of the promoters, BATB plans to bring you live blow-by-blow audio broadcasts of pro boxing cards throughout the area!
We will test this new feature on Saturday, September 7 from the "Rumble at Rosecroft" at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD.

For this test run, we plan to bring you three bouts from the card: the main event between "The Real Deal" Phil Jackson Benson and Scott "Cujo" Sigmon, the co-feature of Alantez "SlyAza" Fox and Zain "Tiger" Shah and the bout between Mike "Yes Indeed" Reed and Rameses Gil.  The broadcast will begin at 9 PM ET on  There will be a delayed broadcast on IHeartRadio.  Calling the action will be myself, "The Fight Doctor" Jerome Spears and Juan Marshall.  This will be a FREE audio broadcast.  All you do is click on the link and you can join us.

There is a twofold reason for bringing just three bouts for this first broadcast:
 One:  This is a pilot and I want to make sure it will be feasible to do more in the future as far as sound quality is concerned.

Two: I will be coming from RFK Stadium where I will be the public address announcer for the Nation's Football Classic between Howard University and Morehouse College.  The game doesn't start until 3:30 PM and I wasn't completely sure that I would make it on time for the start of the card (7:30 PM), so I decided to play it safe. If this broadcast works out, I do plan to bring entire cards live, although the five-hour time frame for archiving the broadcast could be a minor issue.

The BATB Post-Fight Wrap-Up Show, normally a self-contained show, will be a part of the live broadcast, time permitting.

So that's the announcement and I am really excited about it! This is something I've wanted to do for a long time.  If you can't make it live to Rosecroft on Saturday, September 7, we invite you to join us right here live starting at 9 PM ET.  Here is the link:

Boxing Along The Beltway on

I ask for your support and prayers in this new endeavor!  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Good stuff Gary! Now let's work on getting some video footage of these bouts :)

2Small Boxing said...

Awesome news Gary! I can't wait for this to come to life. My prayers and support are with you.

2Small Boxing

Anonymous said...

Good for you Digital

Anonymous said...

Excellent Gary! This is great news.