Saturday, June 08, 2013

Davis Lands Body Shot To Win in..First Round!

We thought we might get a second round in this one as Jonathan Gears looked like he was trying to stay away from Gervonta Davis.  However, Davis landed a brutal body shot that folded up Gears like a cheap suit.  Gears could not beat the count and the bout was stopped at 1:36 of the first.

Davis is now 3-0, three KO's.  Gears was making his pro debut.

Next is the pro debut of Marcus Bates as he takes on the equally debuting Joshua Hinnant.


Anonymous said...

We have been robbed without a gun. this is the rip-off of the century. I will never ever go to another boxing show in the dmv. this is a joke.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Don't judge all DMV cards by this one. This one is a fiasco even by my standards.

Anonymous said...

Gary, you have high standards. You know boxing and you respect the sport. I know you're a gentleman and that's probably about the worst you will say about the card. It's kind of like the great UCLA Basketball Coach John Wooden, a devoutly religious man who would never curse. But when he would get angry at his players he would say, "Goodness gracious, sakes alive!" That was his way of cursing or saying something bad. And Gary, by you saying this card is a fiasco, that tells me all I need to know about it. We knew it going in to the card, but thanks for keeping it real!