Saturday, June 08, 2013

Bates Scores TKO In..Guess Which Round!

Yep.  Another fight, another first-round TKO.  Marcus Bates of DC drops Joshua Hinnant of North Carolina with a right hand.  Hinnant dropped hard on the back of his head in front of my ringside position.  Hinnant did get up but was telling referee Dr. Joseph Cooper that he didn't want to continue.  The bout was stopped at 1:34.

Both fighters were making their pro debuts.  So far, we have seen a little over five minutes of actual ring action.

Next up, Terron "Kid" Grant takes on Joseph Dixon.


Anonymous said...

Emmbarrassing! this is crazy. Ray Ray just asked for his money back. they told him no. LMAO Wheres Henry Jones when we need him/lol

Herc 7 said...

Look at this G dude promoeter-he thinks he is Vanallia Ice. Hilllarious night i have ever seen.

Anonymous said...

Hat off for winner for doing something that they suppose too.
Thank to your victim for entering the ring for there defeat a man beat down
Keep doing what you do make that easy money long as you can

Anonymous said...

It's promoter you illiterate fuck!

Anonymous said...

good fight keep them coming.we will see you soon sandman wv