Sunday, May 19, 2013

Updated Beltway Golden Gloves Champions List!

For the fourth consecutive year, we can update the list of Beltway Boxers who have captured National Golden Gloves Championships.

This list includes two boxers who are in the International Boxing Hall of Fame (Leonard and Mark Johnson), four future pro world champions (Leonard, M. Johnson, DeMarcus Corley and Lamont Peterson) and three Olympians (Leonard, Heidi Curtis and Gary Russell, Jr.)

A testament to our current amateur/young pro crop:  This list also says that this current run of National Golden Gloves champions (four straight years/eight champions) is the longest consecutive stretch in Beltway Boxing history!

1973 and 1974: Sugar Ray Leonard

1976: Louis "Heidi" Curtis

1978: William "Flip" Johnson

1979: Kenny "The Technician" Baysmore

1982: Warren "Chico" Thompson

1985: Eugene "Sonny" Speed

1986: Anthony Wilson

1988: Mark "Too Sharp" Johnson

1991: Melvin "Top Gun" Foster

1992: James Harris

1995: DeMarcus "Chop Chop" Corley

1995 and 1997: "Dangerous" Dana Rucker

1998: Lamont "Bay" Pearson

2001: Lamont Peterson

2003: Anthony Peterson

2005: Gary Russell, Jr.

2010: Gary Allen Russell, David Grayton

2011: Michael Reed

2012: Gervonta "Tank" Davis, D'Mitrius Ballard, Jerry Odom

2013: Gary Antonio Russell, Lamont Roach, Jr.


Anonymous said...

Where is Keith Holmes William Joppy Derrell Coley Wow

Gary Digital Williams said...

Those guys did not win national Golden Gloves. Neither did Sharmba Mitchell or Eric Aiken. They may have won local and maybe regional but not national titles.

Gives you an idea of how elite this list is, doesn't it?