Sunday, May 19, 2013

Harrison Leads Local Domination in DC!

Now let's come back home to DC where locals put on dominating performances in front of a packed house at the All-In-Entertainment "Champion Class" card at the University of the District of Columbia Sports Complex in Washington, DC.

In the main event, Dusty Hernandez Harrison put together his most dominating and complete performance of his young career scoring a fifth-round TKO over Eddie Soto of Pawtucket, RI.  Harrison unleashed a blistering left jab that continuously kept Soto at bay.  Harrison landed a brutal right hand to drop Soto in the second round.  Later, Harrison used another right to put his most experienced foe away for the night in the fifth round where the bout was stopped at 2:48.  Harrison is now 15-0, nine KO's.  Soto falls to 12-7, four KO's.

The co-feature saw "The King's Son" Jerry Odom of Bowie, MD score a first-round TKO over Andrew Morias of Monroe, MI.  Odom hit Morias with a brutal body shot and then pressured Morias until referee Dave Braslow stopped the action at 1:06 of the round.  Odom still has yet to go past the first round and he is now 4-0, four KO's, one NC.  Morias is 1-2.

In what was definitely a Beltway Boxing Knockout Of The Year candidate, Alexandria, VA light heavyweight Patrick Coye made his pro debut an explosive one with a brutal right hand that sent the equally debuting Charles Parker of Wilson, NC crashing to the canvas. Referee Sharon Sands got Coye to go to a neutral corner and then immediately stopped the bout at 1:36 of the round. Parker stayed on the canvas for a few moments after but got up under his own power.

The return of Upper Marlboro, MD heavyweight "Big" Phill Brown was not a good one as "The Samoan Truth" Natu Visinia of Lakewood, CA was very powerful as he rocked Brown in the first round with brutal head shots.  Brown never went down but was hurt enough for the bout to be stopped at 2:49 of the first.  Brown, who was competing for the first time since 2007, is now 6-2, three KO's.  Visinia remains undefeated at 9-0, eight KO's.

In the curtain-raising bout, Palmer Park, MD featherweight Kevin "K-Smoov" Rivers, Jr. remained undefeated with a workmanlike four-round unanimous decision over veteran Jason "J-Rock" Rorie of Winston-Salem, NC.  Rivers stayed very patient against the awkward Rorie and scored a shutout (40-36) on all three judge's cards.  Rivers is now 7-0, five KO's while Rorie is now 6-17, three KO's.

Two scheduled bouts did not take place.  As we mentioned earlier, Mike Reed's contest against Damon Antoine was scrapped because Antoine refused the bout.  Antoine was even offered extra money to take the contest but still turned the bout down.

Antoine, of Akron, OH ended up taking an all-Ohio bout with Charles Natal of Cleveland.  However, karma may have set in as the walkout bout was stopped by a power outage in the arena.  The bout was declared a no-contest.

Also, Greg Newby's contest was scrapped at the very last minute as a problem came up with the medicals of his opponent William Prieto.

The card was promoted by All-In-Entertainment.  The matchmaker was Michael Walters.

A couple of random notes:  Because of my duties with GoFightLive's internet broadcast, I was unable to do my normal blogging duties the way I normally do.  My deepest thanks to Juan Marshall of ProAm  Fight Talk for providing full coverage along with some outstanding pictures of the night.  Please go visit.

Also, my thanks to "The Fight Doctor" Jerome Spears for coming over and joining me on the Post-Fight Wrap-Up tonight.

I want to also thank GoFightLive and All-In-Entertainment for having me be a part of the internet broadcast.  I had three great people to work with as on-air folks in Richard Quinones, heavyweight contender Monte "Two-Gunz" Barrett and the lovely Janee Hayes, a local talent who handled our interviews with celebrities in attendance.  The GoFightLive crew took me back to the days of Boxing Spotlight and it was a joy to work with all of them.

Now here is the Post-Fight Wrap-Up with one clarification:

I mentioned in the wrap that I thought that Lamont Peterson's loss would destroy plans for a possible September 7 card in DC. However, as I said in the last post, Golden Boy CEO Richard Schaefer later said that the date and the Verizon Center venue are definitely on the table.  I was unaware of that when I made my statement.  Glad I was wrong.


Anonymous said...

Good win for Dusty! and in great fashion! He's what put's the Boxing in DC Boxing!

Anonymous said...

The sun comes up, the sun goes down. A Wilson, North Carolina boxer comes up, and in the first round he goes down by KO. Some things are just understood.

Anonymous said...

The guy who fought Pat should have never been near a ring, i don't know how someone like that can be allowed in a professional fight. Thats kind of abuse. A lot of these outside boxers where below the skill level of DC boxers , all of them, our local guys would have been better off sparring. Winning if its set up is not really worth it

Anonymous said...

Wilson North Carolina (WNC) = Winless Non Competitive (WNC).

DuVal said...

Attendance last night: 3,823
3,507 paid

Anonymous said...

It certainly didn't look like 3,800 people were in that building. Seemed more like 1,200

Jackson J. said...

oh brian dillon stop hatin. you are getting out of hand here. Terrance already told me and greg what you been saying. leave it alone and do your own thing. i know for a fact it was sold out. number-wise i have no idea, but it was def sold out.

Brian said...

Jackson well no hating, not sure why this is directed this way. Wasn't there, don't know if 500 or 5,000 people were there. But while we are on the topic, how can you fit 3800 in a 3500 capacity building?

Its all good they had a nice show. I am for sure doing my own thing and doing it awfully well. Tell Terrance and Greg I said whats up. Not sure who they are but, its all love!

Brian said...

Don't forget Top Flight Productions, June15th at the DC Convention Center, sure to be an event

Anonymous said...

Never was it sold out. They had the people up the top section come down to the bottom to make it look packed. Maybe 1000 people there if that. That's good given the fact they have homeless people fighting on the card. One guy was off the love boat so he couldn't fight and he weighed in with his clothes on.LOL...The guy Pat Coye fought was straight off the corner. Pat Coye was knocked out cold his last amateur fight by the way. Odom's opponent was nothing and laid down. Rivers did very good his opponent was game. Dusty did very good. Heavyweight fight was good also.

Mitchell said...

BS I was there! Standing room only.
They were turning them away from the door. Why are you hating and lying at the same time?

Anonymous said...

how many people did they have paid

Anonymous said...

James McAllister gave a speech? Did he happen to say if and when he will be back to fight? It seemed hard for him last Sept. to make a comeback. Will only get harder and he will only get older.