Friday, March 01, 2013

Weights from Rosecroft!

Here are the weights for the Keystone Boxing card on Saturday, March 2 at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD:

Phillip Jackson Benson 174 vs. John Terry 176 1/2

Alantez Fox 154 vs. Greg Hackett 164

Mike Reed 140 vs. Kareem McFarland 139

Jerry Odom 167 vs. Craig Boykin 169 1/2

Jarrett Hurd 153 1/2 vs. Thomas Baldwin 153

Kevin Rivers, Jr. 128 vs. Antonio Sanchez 129

Joshua Davis 133 1/2 vs Benjamin Burgos 131


Boxing Afficionado said...

Good luck to Phil "The Thrill" JB. #KO

Anonymous said...

All of these fights will end in one round. This is an absolute joke. I would rather be in bumfuckedegypt watching camel racing. We need Renaldo Gaines on here. He always brings the crowd to its feet every time he fights. The guys transported to this arena are walking heavy bags with a malfunctioning pulse. How many miles is it from Fayetteville North Carolina? Did they Grreyhound it or did they hitch hike? The Maryland boxing commission has stooped to an all time low. they are now on the same level as Iowa and you see what recently happened there. I can hear William now complaining now. Dont you dare blame Miltondorf for this spectacle, he can only do what his budget allows. This is the worst boxing event by far. We need Mr. Misunderstood Gaines to save the day. He comes to fight anyone.

Gary Digital Williams said...

First, Gaines reportedly got hurt in training and couldn't compete on the card. Secondly, I won't complain about Chris Middendorf because he has nothing to do with the card. He is not the matchmaker.

Brian said...

Gaines was initially scheduled to fight in a featured bout but he got hurt earlier this week.

Anonymous said...

he meant william gaines, not you/

Chris Miltondorf said...

They say that any publicity is good publicity as long as they spell your name right. Unfortunately very few commenters on this site every get it right!
The issue here with the matches is really what is the purpose of the show? If it is a showcase for some of the best young talent in the area, then the matchmaking works. I am going to the show to watch the "A" side. I have no interest in the "B" side except that I would like them to stand up long enough so that I could get a decent read on the "A" side. If the desire of the promoter is for a show case and not to put fighters in fights where they can develop their skills, then that is his decision. If ticket sales are based solely on the individual fighter's fans turning out to see their favorite fighters showcase their skills, then so be it.
Ninety percent of the fans are going for that reason and they don't give a rat's ass to see their favorite in a war, they want to see him get a big knock out. And from the looks of it, that is what we will get. So as long as the beer is cold and the burgers are made of beef(you never know, it is Rosecroft), and the bouts go into the second round, it will be worth it.

Brian said...

Hmm strange here there is a handful if compelling match ups in this card