Thursday, March 28, 2013

Peterson Tests Positive for HCG, Reports Say!

The road ahead may be very rough -- again -- for IBF Junior Welterweight champion Lamont Peterson.  Ring Magazine's Lem Satterfield is reporting that the DC native has tested positive for the substance Human Chorionic Gonadotropin (HCG). Satterfield is attributing sources familiar with the post-fight results after Peterson's knockout victory over Kendall Holt on February 22 at the DC Armory.

HCG is a women's fertility drug and is the same substance that Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Manny Ramirez claimed he used as a method for weight loss and that he was using it under a doctor's recommendation.  Ramirez was suspended by Major League Baseball for 50 days.

The results of Peterson's drug test was revealed in official documents released by the District of Columbia Boxing and Wrestling Commission to the president of the IBF, Daryl Peoples.  Originally, however, a commission spokesperson had notified both camps that Peterson's results came back negative.  The urine tests were administered by an affiliate of the World Anti-Doping Agency.   In an email from the DC commission, Satterfield was originally informed that commission policy states that the official documentation would be private.

"Medical records are confidential; not routinely released unless another commission has business concerning the medical records,"  the email said.  "Medicals, in the commission's view, are confidential and extreme measures are taken to protect medical records.  Perhaps other commissions may have a different view and practice but that is the approach this commission takes."

The notification of the clean test, according to Satterfield's report, was not enough for Peoples or Holt's attorney, Pat English, who insisted on written clarity based on Peterson's drug test last year that came up before Peterson's scheduled rematch with Amir Khan.  Peterson tested positive for synthetic testosterone after winning the IBF and WBA titles from Khan in December of 2011 at the Washington Convention Center.   The WBA stripped Peterson of his title while the IBF allowed him to keep the title after an independent doctor said that the testosterone did not enhance Peterson's performance.

Peterson is scheduled to defend his title against Lucas Matthysse on May 18 at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ.  That bout would look to be in jeopardy at this time.


Anonymous said...

What a fucking dumb ass seriously, what is his camp thinking.

Anonymous said...

The gym will end up closing soon. There is talk of testing all the amatuers. This is crazy!

Anonymous said...

Oh no, this can't be real. Are you serious?

Anonymous said...

Gary, they say the reports don't say which boxer tested positive and to what extent.

it may not be LP.

Anonymous said...

UPDATE: Dan Rafael of ESPN is reporting that the result may not be Peterson. Per his Twitter feed:

“Failed test in Peterson-Holt: IBF says report indicates “atypical finding” for HCG. BUT doesnt say which fighter.”

Ring TV has since pulled the original article.

Anonymous said...

Its really fucked up how haters are ready to condemn this man before getting all the facts. And its also unbelievable that after he won the Holt fight there were only two comments.

Why do we always look for the worst in each other. Oh I no its the learned behavior. (The Willie Lynch syndrome)