Thursday, February 28, 2013

Jones To Announce Gary Shaw Card in June in California!

BATB has learned that Beltway ring announcer and DC Boxing Hall of Famer Henry "Discombobulating" Jones will be traveling to the Morongo Casino Resort and Spa as the announcer for a ShoBox card that will take place in June.

The card will be promoted by Gary Shaw Promotions -- the same group that co-promoted the Lamont Peterson-Kendall Holt card at the DC Armory on February 22 in which Jones worked the undercard.  Jones tells BATB that representatives for Shaw were very pleased with his work and did not understand why ESPN2 would not allow Jones to work the televised portion of the card.

The ShoBox telecast will air on Showtime and will add to Jones's appearances on HBO, ESPN and USA Networks over his long career.


Anonymous said...

Jones said that "representatives for Shaw were very pleased with his work and did not understand why ESPN2 would not allow Jones to work the televised portion of the card."


Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous, NOBODY is on the same level as Buffer and Lennon, Jr. Don't get it twisted. Consider these facts: 1)I have have the 3rd longest longevity as a Ring Announcer in HISTORY, 25 YEARS now, behind Lennon,Jr and Buffer.

2) Unlike HBO & SHOWTIME, ESPN FNF allows Promoters to hire the Ring Announcer. Co-Promoters Gary Shaw and Cologne Hunter (spouse of Barry) approved me to announce the Peterson-Holt ESPN2 card Friday, Feb 22nd, DC Starplex Armory, but ESPN stepped in and mandated I ONLY be allowed to announce the NON-TELEVISED Undercard. They're flying in an unknown from Fla., putting him up, paying him to announce the Televised bouts. Really? He may be a great guy but truthfully he is not even a Peer TO ME, given the respective accomplishments. We've seen and heard the most horrendous guys on the mic simply because they were connected to the Promoter i.e. family, friend or Sponsorship, so competency is secondary at times. You said I was a "fine announcer" so WHY AM I NOT ALLOWED TO ANNOUNCE IN DC EVERYTIME TV COMES TO TOWN? There is the appearance of an impropriety here and cause for litigation. I'm sure the Disney Parent company of ESPN is going to take an interest in a Headline that reads " ESPN KO's Pro Boxing's Longest Serving Black Ring Announcer...during Black History Month!" should we decide to run it.

3)I was being considered for a Proclamation by the White House Office on HBCU's (Historically Black Colleges and Universities) as a Modern Day Pioneer, to be given DURING THE TELECAST..signed by POTUS..possibly PRESENTED BY POTUS, if available. That would've meant more than anything.

4) The proverbial bottom line is- last Dec I personally sold over $33,000 worth of tixs for Peterson-Khan for GoldenBoy and offered the same deal to Mr. Shaw, to which he was receptive. Is Litchenfeld going to sell any? In essence, this is an act of Torturous Interference that is taking substantial revenue away from me and the Promoter.

I don't know how long any of you have been following this, but it's nothing new. I'm not out to allege or prove racial discrimination but it always leads back to that as the reason I'm not allowed to ply my craft like others in this position around the country.

I didn't choose this fight, it chose me and my spirit is vexed. Many of you may think I'm not a good announcer, that's your prerogative. Quiet as it's being kept, several Promoters want me to announce their cards. This act by ESPN tells me they're not going to allow me do so ELSEWHERE if I can't do so in DC.

May Emmanuel Stewart R.I.P. but he told me 20 yrs ago I was going to have it hard in this position, like his Black Ring Announcer, Jim Ingram, in the 60's & late 70's. Manny said Jim died with a Broken Heart more than anything, not being allowed to realize his Dream his PEERS.

You can admire my stance or admonish my actions but I'm not going out like that. Don King told me he'd NEVER use me because he made Lennon's father a deathbed promise to ONLY use the son. I didn't like it but I had to respect it. He kept his word because I've seen King kick Buffer to the curb for Lennon, Jr. King also said something else I respect,that "TRUTH crushed to Earth shall Rise again!"

The DC Boxing Commission will formally ask ESPN at the Weigh-in, with the Promoters present, why I'm being made the exception to their rule. It should be an interesting response. Then, I can proceed to bring closure to this situation after a quarter century pursuit trying to capture an elusive, prestigious prize, that has only been awarded to my PEERS, and those who are not MY peers.

Trust and believe, what GOD has in store for me NO ONE can stop. Stay tuned to see how this plays out.

Anonymous said...

this shit has gone on long enough. Have you ever considered that maybe, just maybe you are not good enough to do the main telecast? I mean you do eat the damn microphone everytime. This shit of you bing black has nothing to do with it and for williams to be posting it on this site as youre a target because youre black just shows his true colors. This is supposed to be a boxing blog not a blog to express how unfair the world is to the black man. Mind you we do now have a wonderful black president (who isnt doing shit for the country). Enough crying. In todays world it doesnt matter if you white, black, blue or green. And who gives a flying shit about balck history month in conjuction with announcing fights. Bottom line i have been watching this site for quite a few years now and now it has went from a boxing site to a site on how to declare how unfair the world is to certain black men.Rediculous. Run you story Jones hope it works out for you, get a new damn suit, quit eating the microphone and get a new outlook on life/boxing if you want to go anywhere other than where you have been for the last 25 years. have tarnished the image of this site and i will no longer visit this site and inform everyone I cross how racial it has turned out to be. This is a very sad, the only boxing site for the area and it has made a move to be more like a movement for the black community like we are back in the 60's 70's when the panthers were running strong. Completely more thing Jones. Dotn you think that the folk at ESP, HBO and such may read some of the things you say and get a sour taste for you due to your lack of intelligence? Peace.

Anonymous said...

You are dead wrong concerning Gary Williams. He has no part at all in Jone's thinking. Gary Williams is about the fairest person I've ever met in my entire life. Trust me, he sees no color when it comes to races. His favorite people come in all colors. He would be the perfect neighbor for any of us.

Michelle said...

Henry, all i have to say is tht i can totally feel your pain. Im one out of 7 or 8 black girls out of like 200 or 300 kids in my grade. It can be pretty hard and i talk "white" apparently and it pisses me off tht ppl r so ignorant to put us into one little box. We're not all the same ans dont be ashamed of who u r. Being different is a good thing it makes u stand out accept your flaws is what makes u well u haha. And theyre spoiled brats who arent gonna get anywhere in the future your working super duper hard and later in life, itll all pay off. appreciate tht :)

Gary Digital Williams said...

In this particular post, color was not mentioned. It was the announcement that was the key -- same as if any other announcer in the area would have received this great honor.

If that's the way you feel, anonymous #3, at least have the guts to put your name next to your post and don't let the door hit you too hard on the way out!

Anonymous said...

this site is getting cluttered with the "RACE" card. moving on from this go get a big dose of go fuck yourself. None of you will ever amount to squat if you cant move on from the race card. He looks like a child molester you would see on a"6o minute" documentary, how the hell would that make him the ideal neighbor? I too agree with post #3. get a new wardrobe, lose the ebonix and then maybe you will get a shot...oh yeah thats after you wuit posting negative comments about people and organizations.

Anonymous said...

I agree this site should be about boxing and nothing else. First it was about Jimmy Lange than Tony Jeter, than it turned to Dusty now it is about this announcer Jones? What the hell is going on boxing is not about color it is about how many people come and see the fights. Gary get your site together man.

Mr.Richard McCombs said...

Gary and Henry are very fair men in my eyes,I find it sad how anyone would trash talk him when he created this blog for all of us...Empty wagons make Alot of noise Anonymous cowards.

Anonymous said...

quit riding on Digitals and Jones nutsack.For any of you to say that race hasn't been a part of Williams writing on this blog are just like him . You walk it, you talk it and you don't even recognize that you are extremely
Bias and Racist.Gary your site has become a forum for your kind
to voice their opinions on how they are treated unfair in this country.I am white was born dirt floor poor and never been given anything, So I get sick of hearing Jones and Williams ramble on about how they are treated unfair.And oh yeah I have worked for black people for the last 24 years.
In closing,I really doubt that race has a damn thing to do with
you not being allowed to announce
any of the big fights.Whoever is at the top calling the shots is there because they earned the right to be there or they bought the right to be there.Either way thats how the world works and it doesn't revolve around you Jones
or your co signer Digital Williams

Gary Digital Williams said...

I have NEVER complained about my not being able to go to the "big" fights. The reason why is that I HAVE been to my share of big fights. I have not complained about my being treated unfairly because I personally have not been treated unfairly. I have been treated quite well.

I am closing in on 4400 posts on this blog. I would say less than10 percent of them deal with race. Of those, the posts are based on historical fact or observation. If that makes me a racist, I can't convince you. But can't those who ask "where are the white people on the card?" be considered racist, too?

I don't think a "racist" would have named Tony Jeter the Best Boxer of the year. That and the rest of my record stands on its own, so this is my last word on this subject -- I'm moving past this too.

Brian said...

If Gary is a racist I am 6 foot 9 inches tall

Anonymous said...

See a good brother like Gary gets pulled into this racist rant crap that "False Teeth Jones" starts. He has been working for 25 years as he has bragged, and I know for a fact HBO KO Nation got canxed because of him! He had bad breathe and one fighter passed out right after his famous line, "Are you ready to do this, than step into my bad breathe and do this."

I am 100% black and proud of it, but his crybaby shit, even Lincoln would kick his ass.

And then there is Sean Puffy Mccombs the world beater fighter who is so far up Henry's rectum, he can tell us here on the board, what he had two days for dinner.

STFU Mccombs!

Gary is an innocent in all of this, but I have to be honest to, he is blinded by the funk junk that Henry Jones brings here to this blog.

Start your own blog Jones and call it,

Here is my name to back up what I am saying and I live in Maryland.

Jenson Johnson
Capitol Heights, MD

Proud to be black, but not of the crybaby bullshit Jones says!



Anonymous said...

Digtal Williams why dont u get your site back into shape u are looking like a amatuer.

Brian said...

Which means he is not

Anonymous said...

Brian you are getting as bad as Mcombs

Anonymous said...

Sean Puffy Mccombs the bum that couldn't beat my grandma who has been dead for 40 years and Brian need to team up. Nuts in Mouth, INC.

Now we just need a trifecta with "I can't get a job I am black Jones" to chime in and then, end it with some God Bless BS!

"Buckets" said...

Ima 1st time writer on dis site. It bananas how people be hating. Wats up wit dude down on jones? i say down cuz it sound like dats wat he want to do him. You need to get off his nuts for real. I dont know jones personally but i been on the basketball court against him over the years when he was playing and he could go. I also saw his fighting skills a couple years ago at turkey thicket rec in dc when a big guy hit him in the grill with the ball. Bad move. they let them go circle style like the old days and jones dropped dude wit a kick to the gut then punched him out vicious for 3 or 4 minutes til rec lady broke it up. Dude was like 6-3 and 250 too, gave jones respect after, said old guy represented so talk that shit all you want you lil faggot but fuck wit jones in real life and you gone lose! Leave dat nigga be. Look like he going thru somethin none us can understand racial or not.I know one thing you sound likea a jealous bitch so suck your own dick an be happy you alive

Discombobulating Jones said...


I remember you Big Boy, matter of fact EVERYONE who played ball at Turkey Thicket and in the DMV does. You were always one of the 2 or 3 three best players on the court. Remember the time you dunked on my teammate and told him after the game it wasn't personal? I thought that was a Class Act and I'm trying to be that way too regarding these comments by my one or two haters. They motivating me really.

I didn't know you followed boxing though and I appreciate you coming to my defense. Don't respond anymore to this so-called brother, because it's very obvious he has some self-hatred going on and really need prayer more than anything. Just move on like I'm doing. He seems to be living his life through this blog and its sad.

Even Promoter Gary Shaw people told me it was totally wrong of ESPN to exclude me, that they could have left Mr. Lichtenfeld home. Giving me the Shobox card lets you know just how much they appreciated me allowing the show to go on without the disruption I could have very easily caused. I have too much love and respect for the HEADBANGERS to ever hurt them and this is my reward.

I hope to see you at one of the upcoming fight cards Bucket. I had to retire from the hardwood but give the fellas my regards. Keep Scoring! Peace...

Anonymous said...

And there you have it this sorry excuse for a brother still crying. Buckets, I know you too bro from back in the day, and dunked on your big ass, but you class in my book, Jones is crybaby down low brother! Wah Wah Jones, I cry, you sigh and his annoucing career dies!

"Buckets" said...

You lil punk bitch now i no you lyin on jones cuz you aint neva dunk on me! i only bin poster by pros and you aint one sissyboy. Keep my name out yer mouf cuz i can find you real easy pussy ass manhoodlicka!