Saturday, November 03, 2012

Rivers Delivers, One-Punch, Yes, One-Punch Knockout!

With the ONLY punch he threw in the contest, Palmer Park, MD junior lightweight Kevin "K-Smoov" Rivers, Jr. dropped Bobby "The Prodigy" Wooten of Wilson, NC at 31 seconds of the first round.

Wooten pressured and grabbed Rivers and held on for dear life.  Right before referee Vic DeWysocki could separate the boxers, Rivers took care of the situation himself with his only punch of the bout; a brutal right hand while Wooten was holding on to Rivers's left hand.  Wooten went stumbling across the ring and could not beat DeWysocki's count.

Rivers scores his first pro knockout and is now 2-0, one KO.  Wooten is 0-2.

Co-feature is next:  Phil Jackson-Benson vs. William Prieto

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