Saturday, November 03, 2012

Jackson-Benson Stops Prieto Late in First!

New York City light heavyweight Phil Jackson-Benson dropped William "Bad News" Prieto with a body shot at the end of the first round.  Prieto could not beat referee Sharon Sands's count and the bout ended at the end of the first.  Jackson-Benson is now being trained by Adrian Davis.

Benson is now 9-1, eight knockouts.  Prieto is now 5-7-1, two KO's.

Intermission and then the main event; Dusty Harrison vs. Nalo Leal.


Anonymous said...

Why are all the fighters names highlighted except Phills he's been here for 2 years hes one of our fighters now and he has a fan base here.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Because up until this point, he was still saying from and being listed as being from NY.

Anonymous said...

And? So what if he is from NY and being listed as such!! He is just as deserving as the others to have his name highlighted if not more! He's from NY and knocking fighters out from DC. That must be why his name isn't highlighted.