Friday, June 15, 2012

Weights For Du Burns!

Here is the scale watch for the Keystone Boxing card Saturday night at Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD:

Venroy July 200 vs. Justin Howes 194

Kevin Womack, Jr. 144 vs. Nalo Leal 142

Lee Snow 162 vs. Issa Cuolibaly 156

Brady Sensibaugh 120 vs. Giovanni Vasquez 119

The July-Howes bout has been bumped from a six-rounder to an eight-round contest.  The Womack-Leal contest has been moved from four to six rounds.

We will be blogging live from Du Burns beginning at approximately 7:25 PM.


Current Resident said...

4 bouts? WTF Is it a free show?

Gary Digital Williams said...

No, just a card that had a lot of difficulties getting together.

Anonymous said...

Gary, just returned from the pro boxing show at the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore. It was a GREAT card and the action was almost nonstop. I'll take four quality bouts like that over 6 or seven so-so bouts any day. Congrats, Gene Molovinsky!