Saturday, June 16, 2012

Good Evening From Du Burns Arena!

Good evening from the Clarence H. Du Burns Arena in Baltimore, MD for tonight's Keystone Boxing Promotions card.  This is a card that took a lot of work to get done.  Many of the bouts fell out almost literally at the last minute.  But it still should be an interesting four-bout card.

The first scheduled contest between Kevin Womack and Nalo Leal is now a six round contest.  Womack (3-0, one KO) has never been six rounds against a 20-bout veteran in Leal (4-15-1).  Also, seeing Brady Sensibaugh's pro debut will be interesting as well.  I've known Sensibaugh for about six years and he knows a lot about the history of boxing, but it will be interesting to see what happens this evening.

Also, the Beltway Boxing Co-Prospect of the Year -- Venroy July -- is on the card.  "Hardwork" may have a tough foe in  Justin Howes  of West Virginia!

So it will be an interesting night tonight. We'll be back at the start of the card and give you all the results followed by a Post-Fight Wrap-Up later on.  Comments are welcomed!

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Anonymous said...

Gary, just returned from the pro boxing show at the Du Burns Arena in Baltimore. t was a GREAT card and the action was almost nonstop. I'll take four quality bouts like that over 6 or seven so-so bouts any day. Congrats, Gene Molovinsky!