Friday, June 22, 2012

Weights For Arlington, VA!

Here is the scale watch for the RBA Promotions Card at Fort Myer/Henderson Hall in Arlington, VA:

Todd Wilson 142 vs. John Willoughby 141

Juan Rodriguez 143 vs. Christian Steele 143

Mark Baltimore 174 vs. Fernando Alvarez 178

Duane Mobley 240 vs. Kevin Johnson (will weigh-in tomorrow)

Immanuel Aleem 167 vs. Jess Noriega 169

Some last-minute changes to this card.  Mark Baltimore is a debuting light heavyweight from Hillcrest Heights, MD.  Kevin Johnson (3-4, two KO's) is a heavyweight from Baltimore, MD.

There is also scheduled to be an exhibition bout between Beltway Boxers Brandon Quarles and Tony Jeter.   The card is scheduled to begin at 6 PM.  I've been told that there is no WiFi at Henderson Hall so we may not be able to do any live blogging tomorrow.  I will record a post-fight after the card is over.


Anonymous said...

what happened to orazio robinson?

Gary Digital Williams said...

Guess they couldn't find an opponent for him. Don't know really.