Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Update on 'Bulldog Brawl II' in Arlington, VA!

Here's an update on the Saturday, June 23 RBA Promotions card "Bulldog Brawl II" at the Fort Myer/Henderson Hall Joint Military Base in Arlington, VA.

The main event opponent for undefeated Fairfax, VA junior welterweight Todd "White Lightning" Wilson has changed.  Wilson (13-0, four KO's) will face veteran John Willoughby of Atlanta, GA (3-12, two KO's) in a bout scheduled for eight rounds.  Willoughby replaces Winston Mathis who couldn't participate.

We've also learned that Stevensville, MD junior middleweight Tony "Mo Better" Jeter will not be on the card.  Promoters couldn't find an opponent for him.

As of now, the rest of the card stands as previously announced.  Haymarket, VA welterweight Juan "The Savior" Rodriguez will take on Christian Steele of Staunton, VA in a four-round contest. Upper Marlboro, MD heavyweight Duane Mobley (2-0, one KO) will take on the debuting Mark Shipp of DC.

The card is also slated to include the pro debut of Richmond, VA super middleweight Immanuel Aleem, who will face Jess Noriega of San Diego, CA (0-2).  Also, we've learned that DC cruiser Richard McCombs (1-3, one KO) will face Fairfax, VA cruiser Fernando Alvarez (1-0, one KO).  Manassas, VA super middleweight Orazio "The Razor" Robinson and undefeated Alexandria, VA middleweight Brandon Quarles are also slated to be on the card.

There is slated to be a weigh-in/press conference at the Charles Houston Recreation Center on Friday, June 22 at 3 PM.  The center is located at 905 Wythe Street in Alexandria, VA.  The event is open to the public.


Ross M. said...

Gary - Although boxrec lists San Diego, Ca. as his hometown, Jess Noriega is actually from Lynchburg, Va.

Brian said...

Yes that is true it is a long skateboard ride from San Diego

Brian said...
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Brian said...

Sad that Jeter isn't on the show! Announced a month ago and couldn't find anyone. Suspiscious

Anonymous said...

The main event is pitiful.
You are supposed to fight better opposition as you get more experience not dead bodies like Willoby .
Gary what are your honest thoughts on this bout?
The Rodriguez Steele fight is worth the ticket price and I will be at ringside if there are any tickets left.
The Robinson kid is by far the most talented fighter on the show
just had one bad night at the Patriot center.
His fights are not paid off like half the fighters on the cards at the Patriot center shows are.

Gary Digital Williams said...

This was not the original opponent for Wilson. The original guy -- Winston Mathis -- dropped out last week. Not a whole lot the promotion could do in this case.

Anonymous said...

How is Robinson the best on the card being 5-4?? People like you don't understand what building a fighter means. These guys keep winning and they will get there chance to shine. Taking a tough fight early in there carrier for what? If Robinson had a good team he wouldn't have took losses so early. Good luck to all the fighters fighting

Anonymous said...

How can a guy who is 13-0 take pride in himself by fighting a guy 3-12. Not only that, but how the @#$% does the commission approve a fight like that! Kid is gonna get rocked the day he steps out of his comfort zone. What a chump!

Anonymous said...

McCombs needs help he has heart but brains im not sure of because this kid would sign to fight anyone and honest feels he can win lol. Gary please stop this kid from fighting he's overweight his last win was at 148lbs. just because you know the big names in boxing dont make you a star Demarcus Corley is no exception.

Anonymous said...

Mathis didn't drop out.
Gary are you printing what you are told are you printing what you know are the facts?
Use your journalistic investigative skills and come up with the truth.Either they were never going to fight Mathis or they backed out and want to pass the buck.
Either way it's a bunch of horseshit.
Charlie from New York

Gary Digital Williams said...

What I was told was that Mathis dropped out -- whether he decided not to participate or couldn't participate -- the fact is he won't be there.

I do know this for a fact -- Mathis was listed as Wilson's opponent for about a month. Whatever happened after that is really not an issue.

Anonymous said...

What a joke.....

Anonymous said...

Wilson i suck,his whole team is garbage..