Monday, July 19, 2010

Old School Boxing Hosts Final Amateur Day at Rosecroft!

The Old School Boxing Gym will be leaving Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD very soon and they will be leaving on a high note with a marathon amateur boxing card on Saturday, July 31 that will begin at noon and end at midnight.

According to the gym's proprietor, Buddy Harrison,, 68 boxers have already asked to competer and there will be locals as well as boxers from out of state.

Admission is $10 and the parking is free.

Although Old School is leaving Rosecroft Raceway, there will be a pro boxing card at that location the very next Saturday, August 7. So far slated to be on that card are local heavyweights Maurice "Freight Train" Byarm and "The Big Ticket" Dwayne McRae. We hope to get more details on the Keystone Boxing-promoted card later this week.


Anonymous said...

Look, we all know Jimmy Lange ain't Sugar Ray. But then again who is? He's not even William Joppy or Keith Holmes but he is a tough guy. For the Lange bashers out there, get over it because in boxing you can always pick whoever you want to fight.

Regarding Jimmy Glenn, what a life, and not a bad one at that. Former fighter, trains boxers, owns a gym, and owns a bar. Doesn't sound like he did too bad to me.

Anonymous said...

How's Old School in terms of finding a new place? Hope it doesn't shut down.

Anonymous said...

They are now good until August 15th. 2010

Anonymous said...

they are already in a new building - Temple Hills. Heard they may have a few gyms opening up in other areas too. grand opening Aug 2nd.

JTovino said...

Will definitely head down for the grand opening on August 2nd. Am relatively new to the scene - just moved cities but will be there for sure.

Anonymous said...

good luck Buddy where is this new gym at