Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Alexandria Times Reviews Quarles Pro Debut!

Thanks to those who alerted me to this article on debuting Alexandria, VA middleweight Brandon Quarles Austin Danforth of the Alexandria Times reviews Quarles's tough pro debut victory over Vincent Batteast on July 10 at the Patriot Center.

Here is the article:



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Brandon. That's fantastic news. Working with Kay & Junebug you can't go wrong. Very happy for you bro.

Mike Sawyer

Anonymous said...


It's great you share these articles with your readers. Keep up the great work..

Gary Digital Williams said...

Thanks for that! I'm glad the articles are being written! That was one of the main reasons for this blog -- to get the word out about our boxers so the mainstream media would pick up on them.

Anonymous said...

'those' who shared?