Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Can We Make a Supercard?

There is a very interesting discussion that is going on in a previous item that I want to bring to the forefront. The discussion concerns the feasibility and possibility of putting together a Beltway Boxing Supercard featuring the elite of our boxers.

Currently, we have eight Beltway Boxers that are ranked in the top 15 of the four major governing bodies (WBC, WBA, IBF and WBO). We also have three boxers ranked in the Ring Magazine rankings. I think at least a few of them should be involved in a proposed supercard.

What follows is a FANTASY scenario of what a super card might look like:

MAIN EVENT -- For the WBO Heavyweight Title:

Sultan Ibragimov (Champion) vs. Tony "The Tiger" Thompson (mandatory)

CO-FEATURE -- For the WBC/WBA Cruiserweight Title:

Jean-Marc Mormeck (Champion) vs. Darnell "The Ding-A-Ling Man" Wilson

CO-FEATURE -- For the WBO Lightweight Title:

Michael Katsidis (Champion) vs. Anthony Peterson (Number one contender)

For the WBC Continental Americas Junior Middleweight title:

Jimmy Lange (Champion) vs. Yuri Foreman

For the WBC US Junior Welterweight title:

Lamont Peterson (champion) vs. Demetrius Hopkins

Special Attraction -- 10 Rounds:

Eric "Mighty Mouse" Aiken (former IBF Featherweight champion) vs. Jason Litzau

Also featuring rising Beltway Boxing prospects, Jessie "The Beast" Nicklow, Andrew "The Doo Man" Farmer, Tim Coleman, Ron "Teflon" Boyd, etc.

I would like to hear more from fans on this, but I would also like to hear from people within the sport of boxing itself -- promoters, matchmakers, trainers, commission personnel, boxers (don't get mad if your name's not on here. This is just an example.)

How close can we come to something like this happening? I know there is money and ego and travel among other things to consider. But how close to this can we get? What are the true obstacles and how can we overcome them?

In your comments, please be informative and not nasty. This is not a subject where we have to say who's better for the sport. This might be the discussion that can truly benefit everyone involved with the Beltway Boxing community.


Boxing DOC said...

believe it or not, but there is a heavyweight out there right now name Seth Mitchell who will knock Tony Thompson out in the first round. Seth will be turning pro in December and he has one hell-of-a trio team to back him.

Anonymous said...

u must have bumber your head boy!!!

Gabbie said...

Seth Mitchell is 3-2 as an amature, how in the world is he gonna knock Tony Thompson out. You are a fool...

Frank T613 said...

Seth Mitchell will lose to the African Warrior on Aug 3rd at Rosecroft racetrack. The African Warrior will put Seth to sleep. Mark my words.

SRL James said...

If Sethy is 3 and 2 as amtuer, he aint got a sno-balls chance in hell at beating the Africa Warrior from Sugar Ray's gym located in Palmer Park Maryland. Adrian Davis has no clue what-so-ever on this one.

Bmore said...

WOW, that 1st comment shows how serious you can take these comments, i seriously hope that dude was joking.

Anonymous said...

Boxing doc...why dont you just place an add for your boy Seth instead of calling out Tony....do you think Tony really is going to take 20 steps backwards just to beat your boys ass...He has bigger fish to fry...Seth would add no credibililty to his career..If Seth wants an ass wooping have him come over to Bald Eagle and get some for free....He wont get a paid for ass wooping. boxing doc you need a pyschiatrist...

Anonymous said...

Seth Mitchell you wanna get your ass beat for free...Tony should be back in the gym in about 2 weeks...School will be in session. Let me know when your coming so I can youtube your ass wooping...BW

Anonymous said...

I like the idea of a supercard...although SETHMITCHELL does not get on the card...I think people will come out for such a stellar card. This card would be big enough for the Verizon Center..What about it Mayor Fenty?
Why haven't there been any cards before???

Linda said...

This screams for PMG!

Anonymous said...

As the one who originally proposed the Beltway Super Card, I'd just like to ask Gary, what in the world is "Suraya Yorum Gonder" and what in the world is "Yorumunuzu birakin"? And what in the world is "Orjinal Gonderiyi Goster"? And what in the world is "Yorumlari gizle"?

p.s. -- your plan for the big card has too many big fights. You can have darnell, Tony, Jimmy on top and then just some well-matched regular fights. You can't spread the money so think all the way down the line. yo've got to pay the champions, too . h

Anonymous said...

Im going to the card on august 3rd...is seth boxing?? i heard tony is suppose to be there...i wonder if seth would have anything to say to tony then about knocking him out...lets give tony a call thats at roscroft right?

Anonymous said...

JL does not need to be on the card nor sm. Jl can keep doing those geico commericals...ap,lp, tt, and dw can sell out the verizon cetner by themselves...its so easy we dont need the caveman to do it...come on PMG

Keystone Boxing said...

The amateur portion of our card August 3rd at Rosecroft Raceways will arguably as exciting, if not more than the pro's. The Seth Mitchell - Abodunrin Akinyanju "African Warrior" fight is going to be the special attraction. Mitchell has the hype and Akinyanju has the experience with 22 amateur fights (18-4).

We have have another great fight in Keystone's Roland Moss against Gary Antoine Russell. Also, Buddy from Old School's son Dusty Harrison will be fighting a tough out-of-town opponent.

Not only will Tony Thompson be in attendance, but he will be handing out trophy's in the ring after each amateur fight.

We will have two additional amateur fights and five pro fights. Real DC area boxing fans will not miss this card.

acw said...

Anon-I'd have Lange on the card for his drawing (Digital, didn't you tell me a few weeks ago that in your opinion Lange was possibly the biggest draw in the area since Sugar Ray?). I wouldn't mind seeing him fight Cabell again.

I'd make the Aiken match a 6 or 8 rounder, and maybe have Too Sharp in a special attraction match.

Venue: Verizon Center
Prices: nosebleed section at $25, then $40, etc.
Ring Announcer: Henry "Discombobulating" Jones, with Michael Buffer in the Main Event (no offense to Jones, who's great, but I personally would love to see Buffer do an event live).

Anonymous said...

WOW! Now that's a GREATTTTTT show!

Gary Digital Williams said...


Yes I did say that and I stand by that statement. No one has drawn and put butts in the seats the way Jimmy Lange has in the last five years.

I don't think you'll see him fight Cabell again, though. Lange has nothing to gain by doing that.

As a matter of fact, after the second Lange-Cabell fight, the Cabell camp wanted to force a third bout during the post-fight press conference and tried to tell promoter Jackie Kallen that she promised this. Everyone in the room looked at them like they were crazy.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't know why we are even talking about Seth on this particular thread -- that has nothing to do with him.

As clarification, Gabbie. Seth is 6-0 as an amateur. He has yet to lose, nor has he gone the distance in a bout. But to talk about him and Tony Thompson in a bout is ridiculous, in all honesty.

Anonymous: I have no idea what you are talking about.

Linda said...

acw... you absolutely just did dis Discombobulating. I am a huge fan of Buffer, but honestly that was before I ever heard Jones. Buffer commands HUGE paycheck, Jones actually fills the seats with paying butts, and has been dedicated to this area forever. If you want to see Buffer live buy a ticket to Fight for the Children, I believe he usually does those. Unless you have an HBO or SHO you are throwing money away...baby steps ACW...from what I have seen in the last year we (DC) are really just starting to get back up to the plate with the big shows and we have learned lessons with each one.

Kevin Rooney said...

Mike Dietrich would beat the hell out of all those fighters. In the same night. Diggstown style.

Now theres your Supercard.

acw said...

Hey Linda, Discombobulating is great, but this is more of a selfish thing-I want to see Buffer live.

Linda said...

Understand. First, I may be way off here in that perhaps Buffer would actually draw more people in, but at this point I doubt it's the best time to utilize him. I just think that we need to cherish and give the due respect to the people in our area who work so hard in and out of the ring to make boxing a go. It is a thrill to see Buffer, but I am telling you Jones easily is as good if not better (because this is his terra firma). I would be disappointed if we had this Supershow and he wasn't THE ring announcer. I would rather take the extra money Buffer would command and put it toward some of the Charities that Jones works on or pool it into our boxers. If this show flies...and pulls in consistent good shows, and money well then yes. Even loved what Hensley did at one of the Patriot shows where he showcased most of the Beltways announcers.

Anonymous Promoter said...


This is really cool! I’m not going to put my name on this post but I will say that I have promoted boxing shows in the region and I’ll leave it at that.

First of all, let’s assume a draw of 10,000 paying customers which is a very, very good number. There would be several venues to choose from, and some that are far larger than 10,000, but I would go with an attainable number for estimating purposes. At a $60 average net ticket price that’s a gate of $600,000. Also, there is no way this show would be a “flop” at the box office and only draw 3,000 to 4,000 people. I would say a bottom line paid attendance figure would be 7,000 with an estimated paid gate of $420,000. But, for these purposes, let’s use 10,000 and a paid gate of $600,000.

HBO or Showtime would pay about $2 Million for the show and probably only show Thompson vs. Ibragimov and Mormeck vs. Wilson. Maybe they would add a 3rd fight which could be Katsidis vs. Peterson. Pay-per view could be another option but this is really a boxing fans’ show and I wouldn’t anticipate a lot of cross over success with this card. That’s a sad thing because this is a great, great card! It would be a good regional draw and I would expect boxing fans from all over to support this show and the live attendance figures would be good. What would be nice is to have a 3 hour “Saturday Night Special” ESPN lead-in to the HBO fight card. WOW! Put Aiken vs. Litzau, Lange vs. Foreman, and Peterson vs. Hopkins on ESPN. In that scenario, which by the way is as about as likely as winning the lotto, ESPN’s site fee would normally only be in the $20,000 range. Maybe they would pay more for such a high quality triple header, who knows? But the pay-off would come in the increased number of viewers to the fight on HBO (or possibly even pay per view). Local businesses and sponsorship should step up and a reasonable sponsorship figure would be $200,000. This sponsorship figure is huge in defraying the “administrative costs” of the show, i.e., the arena, advertising, hotel, commission expenses, etc.(and believe me, there are a LOT of etc. involved in a boxing show!)

Break Down of Positive Revenue:
$2,000,000 HBO Site Fee
$20,000 ESPN Site Fee
$600,000 Live Gate (Paid Attendance 10,000)
Sponsorship $200,000

Total Positive Revenue - $2,820,000

Here are the expenses:
Thompson vs. Ibragimov is $1.5 Mil. total
Mormeck vs. Wilson is $200,000 total
Katsidis vs. Peterson is $150,000 total
Lange vs. Foreman is $30,000 total
Peterson vs. Hopkins is $30,000 total
Aiken vs. Litzau is $20,000 total
Remaining undercard $10,000 total

Venue, commission, advertising, and ALL other expenses $300,000
Total Expenses - $2,240,000

There you have total expenses of $2,240,000 and total revenue of $2,820,000 for a total profit of $580,000. Based on those figures, it could be done.

Gary Digital Williams said...

That is TREMENDOUS information! Thank you so much!

acw said...

Linda, first off, if we DID have Buffer, it'd only be for the main event. Discombobulating, if you're reading this, PLEASE don't be offended.

Second, to the anonymous promoter, I think that's a worst case scenario. I bet, esp. w/ Lange, there'd be more than 10k.

So, who do we talk to to start the gears rolling? This definitely seems like a possibility.

Anonymous said...

try lange vs nicklo

Anonymous said...

Well, you could start by making very even-handed, friendly phone calls to Duva Boxing to get the ball rolling. Promoters WANT to hear from the fans. Lobby for the show. Call Tony's promoter (Goossen?) too. Start a petition. You've got to push and lobby to make this happen, all of you. Find out if the players we've already mentioned are on board and ask them to lobby for the big show. titlists named need a place to fight to make money that isn't just in Germany This show is very doable, but you have to push for it.

Anonymous said...


Why would Jimmy fight for %30K when he makes triple that at the Patriot Center?

Anonymous said...

I don't this this card could happen the way its listed. Mormec and Ibragimov aren't likely to want to fight in another guys backyard.. so you have to pick up a couple of 'name' guys who will.

Enter, say, Calvin Brock and Guillermo Jones. Both guys are willing to travel for a paycheck, have at least a bit of name recognition, good records, and are ranked.

Thompson vs Brock and Wilson vs Jones. These would be pretty darn good fights, though not for a title, and would probably draw in some fans. Getting champions to go to another guys backyard is just too tough.

The rest of the card looks good though.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I understand fully. This was a fantasy scenario. A better one with Brock and Jones would work if Thompson and Wilson were defending world titles.

The petition idea sounds good. I will think about that.

The Cynical One said...

RE: Lange vs. Foreman, I think what Anon Promoter meant was that Lange vs. Foreman was a $30,000 fight total, meaning they would split roughly $30K, not that Lange would get $30K. Secondly, if you think Lange is making "three times that" at The Patriot Center, based on your perception of the 30K, you think Lange makes $90K to fight at The Patriot Center? Are you friggin' high? Just not informed or enlightened is probably the case. You do realize that, for example, Zahir Raheem fought Acelino Freitas for $75,000 right? And this was on HBO AND at a casino which also paid a site fee! Let me break it down for you like this because most people think boxers make millions of dollars per fight. Guys are fighting on non-televised shows for between $400 and at the extreme upper limits $10,000 to $15,000. Main Events on ESPN are getting $6,500 to $15,000. ShoBox fighters are getting about the same money. Showtime Championship Boxing Main Events are getting between $40,000 to $200,000. They can step it up depending on the drawing power of the fighter. HBO Championship Boxing Main Events are getting roughly $150,000 and upwards in the millions (depending on the fighter). HBO Pay per view fighters are getting millions. For example, Bernard Hopkins and Winky Wright both made $3 Million to fight each other. I'm sure there are people that are saying: 3 Million, that's it? Yep, that's it. De La Hoya made $20 Million to fight Mayweather and I read where he may have made up to $60 Million. That's because De La Hoya is THE draw, not that he's the best! Boxing is about as capitalistic as it gets. Each event, each fighter is his own draw. It doesn't matter if you have a world title or are the most talented fighter in the world, if the public doesn't pay to see you, who cares? Of course that's different in, for example, football. Where you have a guy who makes $5 Mil a season and could go down the street and many people wouldn't know who he was. A boxing show is very similar to a movie that you pay money to see in your local theater. A studio will pay a big time actor like Tom Cruise or Denzel Washington a lot of money because they think people will go to the theater and buy a ticket. Same thing with a boxing match. And you thought it was a sport? Well, sure it is. But when you buy a ticket to watch something, then it becomes a show, then it becomes entertainment. And by the way, ain't no darn way Jimmy Lange or any fighter in the history of boxing has made $90,000 for a non-televised boxing show. Where do you think the money in boxing comes from people? It comes from TV! Whether it's ESPN, HBO, Showtime, Pay Per View, etc. It's not the live gate! Don't you realize the Washington Redskins and the Baltimore Ravens paid attendance is only a drop in the bucket compared to the money they get through the NFL TV deal? Wake up people. It's all about money! And with that said, I don't think a fight like the one that's proposed would ever happen because it would be a huge financial disaster that would lose half a million or more. So you want to be a promoter, huh?

Linda said...


Talk about taking some wind out of some sails! Good points though, and one of the most educational threads yet on this blog...

Anonymous said...

cynical one - jimmy made a percentage of the gate plus a purse at the patriot center. so no, anon promoter isn't high, he is actually pretty close to the number. I know for a fact he made $75k in the Joey Gilbert fight. Yes, i'm very enlightened, thanks.

Anonymous said...

This is the same guy who was responded to and accused of being high. the poster who responded to my assertment brings up some interesting and very informative points. However, the way that Lange's deal with the Patriot Center is set up much more intelligently than most shows in the area. They always have investors and sponsors who receive good exposure. That said, Lange receives a % of the gate. This is why he doesn't even have to fight as tough a fight as the ones he takes to keep on winning and making $. Like I said, he put his time in fighting for cheap and on other people's undercards. Now, he makes serious $ b/c his management have a good business plan.

BigQ said...

This is a great idea that I never thought could get done. I think this card could work but realistically, I'm not sure the thompson match would fly because of the whole champion fighting in another back yard and whole heavyweight division mess. I definitely think Wilson could headline this card on ShoBox. HBO I think will turn their nose up at this card for some reason but I think Showtime will be all over it with the Ding-a-ling man and the Anthony Peterson bouts televised.

In a worst case scenario, it could be a Best Damn Sports Show card. I know they have show every now and then but I'm sure their budget is much smaller.

I love the card with the fighter. I definitely would add Reginald Taylor to the card. He is an up and coming star with an exciting style.

Great idea. Let's step up and get the ball rolling!!

The Cynical One said...

To those that say I'm wrong about what Lange made at the Patriot Center, I say prove it! Or better yet, and Digital, you probably know this much better than I do, because boxing is regualted by a state agency, purses, gates, etc. are a matter of public record. Call the boxing commission and find out for yourself. Oh, and by the way, there have been guys who made a lot of money on non-televised fights but those guys were named Jack Dempsey, John L. Sullivan, etc. and that was before TV and back when boxing was still a ticket driven sport and people didn't have to go to Atlantic City or Las Vegas and gamble away their mortgage payments so they could get "free" tickets for a fight! There's a sucker born every minute! That's why the casinos pay huge site fees for fights, because they know people will come to their hotels and gamble. My comment about someone making huge money on a non-televised show would be reserved to the 1960's and beyond. I say that it is economically impossible for any modern fighter to make that type of money ($75,000 did you say? Yeah right!) for a non-televised show. Check with the boxing commission. They will tell you sucker!

Anonymous said...

cynical, maybe this will put it in better perspective. the lange/gilbert fight put 6,100 PAID in the patriot center. lets use a lowball estimate and say they averaged $40 per ticket. 6,100 x $40 gives you a gross ticket revenue of $244,000. Lange's people, as you said, are savvy businessmen. promoters would line up to put on this an event like this -- and agree to take a small percentage of the ticket revenue -- because they are guaranteed to turn a profit with a draw like Lange. Lange took a nice chunk of that ticket revenue (and it was a healthy payday for Gilbert as well) and there was still plenty of cash to go around to pay the undercard, expenses, and line the promoters pockets. Truth be told, draws like Jimmy don't come around often, but when they do, people get paid. He got every penny of $75k.

The Cynical One said...

That's a load of crap and I say PROVE IT! Digital, who can we contact to verify what Jimmy Lange made for that fight?

enlightened one said...

i couldn't care less if you believe me or not dude. i have nothing to prove. i'm not even a jimmy lange fan, i just know the facts. you don't need showtime or espn to make money on a boxing event. i've said my piece. have a good night.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I don't know, nor could I prove it. I don't think anyone would say it publicly.

I do know that Lange did get good money for the card(I don't know the details) but Gilbert got as much. Suffice it to say, good business sense took hold in this situation. Neither man got hurt by the money they received.

Let's make sure we understand. Lange is a solid draw, especially in Virginia. He has drawn at least 5,000 to the last three Patriot Center shows.

RichardMcCombs said...

Hello Gary I Yuri Foreman is a close friend of mine aswell as a good fighter. I feel if he and Jimmy Lange faught he would win by split decision.

RichardMcCombs said...

As for the Aud 3rd show I've been training at 7am in the Morning at Keystone for two Months. I was told the card was full in June then two weeks later it's not even half way done. I have a problem how come I wasn't on the card? How come I wasn't Considered atleast? To be honest I've had it with this area as far as Boxing is concern. I have nothing againts any fighter it's the people who suppose to be fair and loyal to the game. I Appreciate and respect Gene Molovinsky & Joe Hensley always very respectful men as for the unloyal ones I can care less any longer. I'm fighting Aug 31st in Chicago under new Management and New Promotion.

RichardMcCombs said...

August 31st Aragon Ballroom
Category: Sports

August 31st at the (Aragon Ballroom) in Chicago Illinois! If you don't get knocked out make sure you don't get a COUNT-OUT. The card basicly is filled with those boxers who've tasted gold or never had the chance & been out of action to to problems in the sport of boxing. All boxers seeking a shot for a piece of the world title. Amoung the card ; the co-feature will be Damien Fuller. Damien a rising star will try to prove he has what it takes to be champion. On the other hand Israel tasted the world title & doesn't forget what it as all about. This will be a great fight to see what direction each fighter will be heading. Also as the Main even ; Mark Johnson the former 112&115lb 1st african american world champion at those weight classes , will try for a shot at a world title once more. Being hungry for it & rumors saying that Mark is washed up , he will look to prove why his record is what it is... & why they call him Too Sharp. In the undercard - one fighter stands out ; Richard McCombs. Being out for 5yrs do to poor management , Richard hasn't given up hope that he will enter the ring once again. On his way to prove that the 5yrs off wasn't nothing , he will enter the ring & focus on what's infront of him. These are just a few of the undercard bouts. Let the windy city blow you away!

RichardMcCombs said...

I must say when it come to ring Announcer's Henry Jones is like no other. I mean this brother has soul he touches the fighter's aswell as the fans.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Scott Farmer has a two shows coming up, one is August, one in September. Han Kim has a show in August. Give them a call!

RichardMcCombs said...

Thanks for the information Anonymous but I'm set with a new Manager and Promoter. I really Appreciated maybe you can give my some of that classic pad work one day.

Anonymous said...

What did Jimmy Lange make in his first fight at the Patriot Center? Start there. Call Chris Middondorf. He is the only Mathmaker to help fighters make what you can call good money!

Freedom of information act should apply with the VA Boxing Commission!

The Chosen One!

Chris Middendorf said...

Jimmy Lange has been the only area fighter to consistently put asses in the seats. He filled up a long series of Ballroom Boxing shows, sold most of the tickets for a number of Raging Promotions shows, and sold HUGE numbers at the two Patriots Center shows that I matched for Keystone Boxing. The "Cynical One" is dead wrong in his ideas of what and how fighters get paid, and the "Enlightened One" was absolutely correct in how the Patriot center cards made more than the average fight purse for Lange. I do not know whether he made $75000. on the last Patriot Center card, but my guess is that he made considerably more than that.
If you can sell tickets, your purses surpass what you would make if you cannot. Therefore, by extension, if you sell a lot of tickets you get a lot more. That is why Oscar makes what he makes and Lange makes what he makes. It is just basic math, if their are more tix sold, the promoter makes more money and can pay the ticket seller more. If the ticket seller is also is own promoter, like Oscar and Lange, then the ticket seller/promoter makes all the money after paying the expenses and the undercard.

Anonymous said...

Cynical One is a dumbass. Nobody has to PROVE anything to anyone until the tax man comes a knockin. (especially not to a negative dumbass on a blog)

slickwalt said...

this was an excellent post !!! i enjoyed the insight from the various promoters etc... fighters have to understand how to maket themselves. in jimmy case, he is a good fighter, with a helluva fan base in virginia. (i remember seeing him training at sugar ray leonards gym with pepe corea some years ago for a brief time.)the contender series helped him also. if i were him i wouldn't fight anywhere else except virginia, unless it's a title fight. i used to think if you didn't have a gold medal or you were affiliated with one of the major promoters, to put you on hbo or showtime, you would make pennies. jimmy has definitely proved me wrong.
that's one reason i never turned pro. i couldn't see fighting for pennies, when boxing is a "life" sport. boxing effects every aspect of your life and you want to pay me 400 for a four round fight, where i could possibly get hurt and effect me the rest of my life !!!! it just didn't add up.. on the flip side though, not one day goes by that i don't regret never pursuing a professional career. question: does jimmy pay his opponents well ??? hell, i would get in shape and fight him. it could be a tune-up for him.. lol !!!!

Anonymous said...


Thanks for clearing that up.

Knowledge is the key to success!

Don't give away too much of it!

The Cynical one has never made more than $20,000 grand a year so what would he know?

Anonymous said...


Other than Lange who actually sells tickets in this area?

Chop Chop?

Anyone you know?

RichardMcCombs said...

Darnell Wilson has a pretty strong fan base aswell.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Chris can probably answer the question on who sells better than I can, but let me take a stab at that one also.

I don't know if too many single boxers can put people in seats. Jimmy may be the only one in the area right now that can do that.

But in combinations, we've already proven that Beltway Boxers can sell tickets. The most recent example was the May 25 card at the Armory with The Peterson Brothers. If Tony Thompson was also on that card, even more people would have shown.

A lot depends on who the bigger names fight and how much promotion gets out on the bout. Back in April, Remus Promotions tried to fool folks into thinking William Joppy was the main event of their card, but they didn't get any promotion out on the show and the card flopped. With local promoters who know the area, that truly won't happen again.

the enlightened one said...

Thanks, Chris. Cynical, theres a lesson in Boxing Economics 101.

Anonymous said...

Chime in Chris and let the people know who sells tickets. Get the top 7 tickets sellers and put on a show! Regardless of relationship you may have with a boxer and management team or Promoter, I think everyone could make money.

DC Tickets Sellers?

MD Ticket Sellers?

VA Ticket Sellers?

Out of Towner Tickets Sellers?

You can make it happen!



Anonymous said...


They were basically giving tickets away to fill seats at the
Lange / Cabell fight.

Johnny Lange was telling people it was going to be on Tape Delayed TV and wanted a big crowd there to set a big fight!

First hand knowledge!

The Hopeful One said...

You know, people talk about "asses in seats" and Jimmy Lange puts "asses in seats". I went to three of his fights and the cards that I saw, 2 in 2006 and 1 this year, truly were excellent cards. But, I will say this also, and I'm not trying to put anyone down because I want boxing to be successful. I don't think the crowds could be described as "big crowds". In fact, I've always thought of them as small crowds in a large arena. I've been to many concerts and shows in other large arenas and they are at least halfway to 3/4 full for their shows. There is NO way that of the 3 fights I saw at The Patriot Center, that place was ever more than 1/3 full. I always buy the $25 ticket and I made my way down to the floor within several rows of the ring for every Jimmy Lange fight. The floor is pretty full by Jimmy Lange's fight but the stands were always close to empty. In my opinion, I don't think any of those cards drew more than 2,000 paying customers. I wasn't at the fight when Lange fought Gilbert but I'm sure that was the biggest crowd by far, and for obvious reasons. The Contender was a hot series, and you had not 1, but 2 fighters from that show fighting each other AND, they had a heated rivalry. Plus, like Chris Middendorf said, Jimmy Lange had been drawing 1,000 plus for years to Ballroom Boxing and other promoter's shows. Plus, he had a lot of TV exposure back when Ballroom Boxing was on TV. I hope I'm wrong, but I think Lange's last fight, when he knocked out Cabell, was the last we'll see at The Patriot Center. I truly don't think there were 1,000 people there total. I'm sure that place has got to be expensive, probably even more so than we think, so I don't see how any money could have been made off the live gate. I hope I'm wrong, I'm a boxing fan. I want every boxer to retire wealthy because they really do put their lives on the line every time they step in the ring. By the way, Slickwalt, excellent post. I wouldn't risk my neck for $400 either. The beatings that fighters take in their careers stays with them the rest of their lives. God Bless 'em all. The Hopeful One.

Anonymous said...

mark too sharp has the most fan in DC. fans come out to see him

Big Boi T-roy said...

2 Sharp looks like Beetlejuice from The Howard Stern show! Have you ever seen 2 Sharp and Bettlejuice at the same time? Things that make you go hmmmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Good to hear people talking about
Jimmy Lange.In his last fight he
showed some of the good stuff he's
capable of.I've known you had what it takes since you were a kid.
Really proud of you ,keep the ball
(your first trainer)

Josh said...

I don't mean this in a deragatory or a purely "exploitative" way...while having a ton of great DC boxers would help, I also wonder about some of the other matchups, if they would help.

For example, the DC area has an affluent Jewish community - I wonder if promoting an undefeated Jewish boxer (in Foreman) would contribute to any of them showing up, or if any of Yuri's fans might come down from New York (hell, put Dmitri Salita on the card too).

I wonder also if D-Hop has enough fans at this point to bring anyone down from Philly (or if his uncle would be able to make a special appearance).

There are a TON of marketable boxers in this fantasy scenario, who aren't necessarily big name draws but could do things to bring fans in.