Saturday, December 31, 2011

Beltway Boxing 2011 -- Rookie Of The Year!

A number of locals made their pro debuts late in 2011 (October and November)-- too late for fair consideration for this year's Rookie of the Year award. As it stands, there was really only one clear-cut winner anyway. This young man got the whole boxing world talking -- first about his age and then about his talent. Although his age limited him from competing more in 2011, his talent will give him more opportunities in 2012.

The Beltway Boxing Rookie of the Year for 2011 is:

Dusty Harrison (3-0, one KO), welterweight, Washington, DC The 17-year-old long-time amateur standout made an impact as the youngest pro boxer in the country. Whether you believe Harrison was too young may still be a question for debate, but Harrison handled the hoopla surrounding his rookie year with a maturity far beyond his years. Adding to that hoopla was Harrison's immediate signing with Prize Fight Promotions. Harrison impressed many in his pro debut on June 11 against Alphonso Alexander, winning a four-round unanimous decision. In his second bout under the Prize Fight banner, Harrison won another unanimous decision over veteran Trenton Titsworth.

The interest surrounding Harrison through the boxing world may have scared the Prize Fight promotion and their possible misgivings forced Harrison to move away from that promotion. With some help from the DC Commission, Harrison was able to fight in front of the home fans for the first time. Harrison recorded his first pro stoppage with a first-round KO of Terrell Davis.

Harrison will turn 18 in May, allowing him to fight anywhere in the country. It will be very interesting to see how the rest of the US acknowledges his talent.

Previous BATB Rookies of the Year:

2006: Jessie Nicklow
2007: Bayan Jargal
2008: Fernando Guerrero
2009: Dominic Wade
2010: Nick Kisner

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Anonymous said...

Congrats Dusty. You and your dad have to humble yourselves tho!

Anonymous said...

And get some class.
For real

Stica said...

Haters in the house! They don't care what you or I say; youngin laughing all the way to the bank.
I spent $30.00 on a ticket and so did you. LMAO Living Large at 17. Girls, Money, Cars, WTF

Anonymous said...

Good Luck Dusty. If they talking about you, you are doing something right. She be hatin on everybody. She broke!

Anonymous said...

Todd Wilson would whip Dusty like a Red Headed step child.

Anonymous said...

Ha! Thats the funniest shit I've seen on this forum! Wilson would be Dusty's dust mop for however many rounds the fight lasted.

Lee Hwy. said...

Todd Wilson: is you nuts? LMFAO
1st. Round disaster!

Ear Drum said...

Why is Dusty in Atlanta playing basketball? Super Dust Mop!!!

Anonymous said...

Although he fought twice in 2010 before moving to Virginia and therefore falls out of the Rookie category, Jerren Cochran, deserves credit for his rapid emergence on the scene. With two wins here (the last one being a strong win over tough journeyman Jason Rorie), Cochran is now 4-0. Scheduled for fights in January (Philly) and February (Virginia) and Baltimore (March), it should be a very exciting 2012 for this young fighter.

Anonymous said...

Todd is too experienced for Dusty right now. Dusty may or may not be able to beat him. But it's just not worth the risk at this early stage of Dusty's career.

Tropi King Va. said...

I agree that Dusty does not need to fight anyone with a winning record for quite sometime. However, to give a reason of Mr. Wilson having more experience is baffling to me. I have read several times that the kid has well over 200 amature bouts to his credit. It would seem to me that he has much more experience than Mr. Wilson. Out of curiousity I have looked at both on youtube and I personally would not allow Mr. Wilson to fight Dusty. I think the Wilson Team is building him just fine and should not take such a chance. Both boxers seem to have a bright future. I have googled both and I come away thinking that this fight will never, ever happen.

Anonymous said...

Leo will never let it happen!

Anonymous said...

Leo wants a,well you know what he wants but what he needs is some mouthwash.