Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bout Sheet For Washington Golden Gloves Championships!.

This is the bout sheet for the Washington Golden Gloves Championship Finals that will be held on Saturday, April 1 at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD:

Novice Division:

114 Pounds:  Luis Estrada (Dover Boxing) vs. Brandon Brockington (Headbangers)

123 Pounds:  DeAngelo McDonald (Tony's Gym) vs. Brient Rodriguez (Champions)

132 Pounds:  Blaze Fidler (Hillcrest) vs. DaJuan Concepcion (Headbangers)

141 Pounds:  Ian Simmons (Hillcrest) vs. Sean Cormier (Kicked-Up)

152 Pounds:  Davonte Warren (Odenton) vs. Darnell Pittman (Knowledge)

165 Pounds:  Tory Hilton (Unattached) vs. Elan Trombley (Headbangers)

178 Pounds:  Aziz Williams (MVJ Athletics) vs. Victor DeFreitas (Sugar Ray Leonard)

201+ Pounds: Justin Maggi (Simon Brown) vs. James McMurdo (Main Street)

Unopposed Champion:

201 Pounds:  Tyler Langer (Mack Lewis)

Open Division:  

114 Pounds:  Paul Jerry (Hillcrest) vs. Rasheed Wright (Headbangers)

123 Pounds:  Marcus Wright (Keystone) vs. D'Jon Brown (NOMIS)

132 Pounds: Ebrima Jawara (Laurel) vs. Tommy Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

141 Pounds:  Donnell Poe (Old School) vs. Wilfredo Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

152 Pounds:  Keeshawn Williams (Next-Up) vs. Kalonni Daly (Sugar Ray Leonard)

165 Pounds:  Ashton Sykes (Odenton) vs. Stephaun Hopps (Headbangers)

178 Pounds:  Genc Pllana (Simon Brown) vs. Keon Burroughs (Headbangers)

201 Pounds:  Shaka Williams (NOMIS) vs. Thomas Mottinger (Main Street)

201+ Pounds:  Nathaniel Copeland (Tony's Gym) vs. Malik Titus (Time 2 Grind)

The first bout begins at 7:30 PM ET.  Tickets are $25 in advance and $30 at the door.  Call 301-843-6165 for details.

If you can't make the event in person, we will have live blow-by-blow coverage on the Boxing Along The Beltway Google App For Android beginning at 7:25 PM ET. IOS listeners can hear the broadcast on the Boxing Along The Beltway pages on Spreaker.com and IHeartRadio.com.

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