Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Washington Golden Gloves Begin This Saturday at Rosecroft!

The 2017 Washington Golden Gloves get underway on Saturday, February 18th beginning at 7:30 PM.  This year, every session of the Golden Gloves will be held at Rosecroft Raceway in Fort Washington, MD.

Here is the scheduled bout sheet for the first night of competition:

Junior Division:

8 Years, 68 Pounds CHAMPIONSHIP: Kairee Kelly (Keystone) vs. Brody Smith (1st Class)

8-9 Years, 75 Pounds CHAMPIONSHIP:  Sema'j Gibson (Tony's Athletic) vs. Adam Dinkins (Tony's Gym)

10 Years, 80 Pounds CHAMPIONSHIP:  Shane Wright (Keystone) vs. Marcell Steele (Keystone)

11 Years,  85 Pounds CHAMPIONSHIP:  Taimal Hinton (1st Class) vs. Damari Philson (No Xcuse)

10-11 Years, 95 Pounds:  Ka'reem Rivers (Hagerstown) vs. Khaliq Harrison (Warriors)

14 Years, 110 Pounds: Louis Hairston (Dover Boxing) vs. Owen Pannucci (Bowerhouse)

13 Years, 125 Pounds:  Jonathan Estrada (Last Round ) vs. Malik Watson (Keystone)

16 Years, 125 Pounds:  Issaac Rivera (Bowerhouse) vs. Fernando Ramos (Old School)


11 Years, 65 Pounds:  Justin Johnson (Tony's Gym) 

12 Years, 80 Pounds:  Lonzo Malcolm (Keystone) 

12 Years,  132 Pounds:  Brendon Nararjo (Main Street)

Novice Division:

123 Pounds:  Brient Rodriguez (Champions) vs. Jaymes Malone (Charm City)

123 Pounds:  Arit Calle, Jr. (Kicked-Up) vs. DeAngelo McDonald (Tony's Gym)

132 Pounds:  Omar Drakeford (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Carlo Ramiriz (Keystone)

132 Pounds: Isaiah Harris (Dog Pound) vs. Antoine Dunston-El (Honeycomb)

141 Pounds:  Daniel Hall (Charm City) vs. Jarvis Crawford (Honeycomb)

141 Pounds: Daniel Barlava (Limelite) vs. Jean Cormier (Kicked-Up)

152 Pounds:  Steven Jackson (Hillcrest) vs. Neal Crossen (Bowerhouse)

152 Pounds:  Toren Seigler (Unattached) vs. Markesse Hines (Main Street)

165 Pounds:  Avery Prince (Old School) vs. Troy Hilton (Unattached)

165 Pounds:  Gabriel Ruiz (Bowerhouse) vs. Stephen Layer, Jr. (Unattached)

178 Pounds:  Anthony Bryant, Jr. (Hillcrest) vs. Nigel Murray (Dog Pound)

178 Pounds:  Ezri Turner (Dover Boxing) vs. Victor DeFreitas, Jr. (Sugar Ray Leonard)

For the first time, all bouts will be at Rosecroft Raceway, located at 6336 Rosecroft Drive in Fort Washington, MD.  General Seating tickets for this Saturday's competition is 20 dollars.  Tickets for children under 12 are five dollars.

Here is the schedule for Washington Golden Gloves competition (all events are on Saturdays at Rosecroft)

February 18th, 25th 

March 4th

Semifinals -- March 11th and March 18th

The Washington Championships will be held on April 1st

The Regional Championships will be held on April 22nd.

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