Monday, May 09, 2016

PVA Juniors Head To Salisbury, MD For Junior Olympic Regionals May 13-15!

The Potomac Valley Association of USA Boxing will send 34 Junior Division boxers to the Junior Olympic Regionals on May 13-15 at the Main Street Gym in Salisbury, MD.  Here is the list of the competitors:

8/9/10 Years Old

60 Pounds: Cardarius Johnson (Headbangers)

65 Pounds: Marcus Luther (Headbangers)

70 Pounds: Marcell Steele (Unattached)

80 Pounds: Joshua Briggs (Oxon Hill)

90 Pounds: Jalani Hill (No Xcuse)

11/12 Years Old

65 Pounds: Karden Chatman (No Xcuse)

70 Pounds: Richard Dodson (Unattached)

75 Pounds: Lonzo Malcolm (Unattached)

80 Pounds: Ben Johnson (No Xcuse)

85 Pounds: Demari Philson (No Xcuse)

90 Pounds: Kaliq Harrison (Unattached)

13/14 Years Old

70 Pounds: Jordan Roach (No Xcuse)

80 Pounds:  Jamal Harvey (Oxon Hill)

85 Pounds: Anthony Wheeler (No Xcuse)

90 Pounds:  Quincy Williams (Lyfe Style) 

95 Pounds:  Jacob Matthews (Enigma)

101 Pounds:  Deon Giles (No Xcuse)

106 Pounds:  Deric Davis (Headbangers)

110 Pounds:  Jalil Hackett (Enigma)

114 Pounds:  Max Garland (Headbangers)

15/16 Years Old

85 Pounds:  Nikko Williams (Headbangers)

90 Pounds:  Tyreece Johnson (Headbangers)

95 Pounds:  Khalil Phillips (Keystone)

101 Pounds:  Lamar Odom (Lyfe Style)

106 Pounds:  Kevon Cooke (No Xcuse)

110 Pounds:  Lamont Odom (Lyfe Style)

114 Pounds:  Chamar Flowers (Unattached)

119 Pounds:  George McRay (Unattached)

125 Pounds:  Shakell Daly (Sugar Ray Leonard)

132 Pounds:  Malcolm Lowery, Jr. (Enigma)

138 Pounds:  Angel Edwin (No Xcuse)

145 Pounds:  Wilfredo Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

154 Pounds:  Siete Shuler (No Xcuse)

165 Pounds:  Corey Matthews (Enigma)

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