Thursday, April 07, 2016

DC Commission Rules On Judging Snafu!

The District of Columbia Boxing And Wrestling Commission has made a ruling based on their investigation into the strange scoring of judge Lloyd Scaife during the Luis Ortiz-Tony Thompson bout on March 5 at the DC Armory.

Scaife only had Ortiz winning by one point after the first five rounds despite Ortiz knocking down Thompson twice during that five-round period.  Ortiz would knock out Thompson in the sixth round.

In a statement, the Commission found "significant discrepancies” in the scoring of the bout that were the result of "human error” rather than anything malicious. Thus, no disciplinary action will be taken against Scaife.

According to's Mitch Abramson, the commission also said, “These findings were discussed with Mr. Scaife, who has acknowledged the errors and agrees with this determination of cause. While the Commission recognizes that these errors led to a significant discrepancy in one of the scorecards for the fight in question, it also acknowledges that these errors did not impact the final outcome of the fight.”

"Based upon the facts obtained through this investigation, the Commissions is comfortable with its finding that human error occurred and considers this matter concluded.  No further actions will be taken.”

Abramson is also reporting that Scaife, who has been judging bouts since the mid 1990's, has retired as a judge.