Tuesday, March 01, 2016

Results, Bout Sheet From Washington Golden Gloves!

Here are the results from the Saturday, February 27 edition of the Washington Golden Gloves:

Junior Division:

10, 75 Pounds (Championship): Darari Philson (No Xcuse) over Richard Dodson (Old School)

11-12, 75 Pounds (Championship): Lonzo Malcolm (Old School) over Qwantel Watkins (Dog Pound)

9-10, 80 Pounds (Championship): Yeshaya Franklin (Hagerstown) over Kareem Rivers (Hagerstown)

11-12, 80 Pounds (Championship): Benjamin Johnson (No Xcuse) over Quentin Watts (Tony's Athletic)

14, 141 Pounds (Championship): Edwin Angel (No Xcuse) over Kory Moore (Main Street)

Marcell Steele (Old School) won his championship in the 9-10, 75 Pound division by walkover.

Malik Mason (Laurel) won his championship in the 11-12, 90 Pound division by walkover.

Luis Gomez, Jr. (Old School) won his bout in the 14-15, 150 Pound division by walkover.

Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Marcus Johnson (Limelite) over Jaiquan Johnson (Langdon)

123 Pounds: Jaqueem Hutcherson over Elliott Strickland (Switch Hitters)

132 Pounds: Micah Johnson (Tony's Gym) over Jamie Stachowski (Down Under)

132 Pounds: Ahmad Jones (UMAR) and Hakeem Middleton (Limelite) both won their bouts by walkover.

141 Pounds: Sean Cormier (Kicked-Up) over Luis Martinez (Old School)

152 Pounds: Mike Crain (Dog Pound) over Wesley Scott (1st Class)

152 Pounds: Corey Russ (Woodland) over Davonte Warren (Odenton Fitness)

165 Pounds: Dwayne Wheeler (Benning Park) over Aaron Liang (Unattached)

165 Pounds: Antonio Haywood (Hillcrest) over Victor Miles (Boxwob)

165 Pounds: Ashton Sykes (Switch Hitters) won his bout by walkover.

Open Division:

141 Pounds: Gregory Outlaw (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Alejandro Rodriguez (Mack Lewis)

165 Pounds: Justin Hurd (Hillcrest) over Rashad Kilpatrick (Boxwob)

123 Pounds: Christopher Glen (Hagerstown) won his bout by walkover.

Now, here is the scheduled bout sheet for this week's Golden Gloves action:

Junior Division:

11-12, 85 Pounds (Championship): Darren Scott (Headbangers) vs. Deric Graves (Lyfestyle)

12-13, 80 Pounds (Championship): Teon Jackson (Lyfestyle) vs. Jahmal Harvey (Oxon Hill)

14-15, 85 Pounds (Championship): Joseph Gordon (Lyfestyle) vs. Tyree Johnson (Headbangers)

13, 112 Pounds (Championship): Dequan Clark (Tony's Gym) vs. Dennis Zeigler (Sugar Ray Leonard)

12-13, 92 Pounds: Tyquawn Johnson (No. 11 Overcomers) vs. Owen Pannucci (Bowerhouse)

15-16, 125 Pounds: Donte Baytop (UMAR) vs. DeAngelo McDonald (D-Block)

Unopposed Champions:

8, 95 Pounds:  Makhi Dawkins (Unattached)

13, 100 Pounds: Deric Davis (Headbangers)

14, 100 Pounds: Khalil Phillips (Keystone)

15, 101 Pounds: Lamar Odoms (Lyfestyle)

12-13, 117 Pounds: Jordon Brown (Main Street)

14, 119 Pounds: Kyren Harrison (Warriors)

14, 125 Pounds: Joshua Hill (Tony's Gym)

16, 132 Pounds: Travon Marshall (Tony's Gym)

16, 141 Pounds: Wilfredo Avelar (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Marion Cash (Dream Team) vs. Oscar Bonilla (Old School)

123 Pounds:  Brient Rodriguez (Champions) vs. Joshua Woodard (Headbangers)

141 Pounds (Female):  Kierra Kelly (D-Block) vs. Wezi Thindwa (Unattached)

141 Pounds (Female): April Ademillyi (Laurel) vs. Ladasia Lewis (D-Block)

141 Pounds: Darius Kenion (Round One) vs. Joseph Flores (Champions)

141 Pounds: Leroy Payne (Headbangers) vs. Tre'von Bush (Sugar Ray Leonard)

152 Pounds: Kalonni Daly (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Eric Middleton (NOMIS)

152 Pounds: Felix Manzulta (Dog Pound) vs. Sung Park (Laurel)

165 Pounds: William Joppy, Jr. (Tony's Gym) vs. Jalil Hunter (Headbangers)

165 Pounds (Female-Championship): Pamela Herasingh (Keystone) vs. Christina Kay (Champions)

Open Division:

123 Pounds: Hector Soto (Down Under) vs. Jordon Hunter (Keystone)

132 Pounds: Montel Pridgett (UMAR) vs. Denzel Bowling (1st Class)

141 Pounds: Joshua Lee (UMAR) vs. Cory Moore (Main Street)

141 Pounds: Donte Burts (Woodland) vs. Dante Cox (Laurel)

152 Pounds: Nigel Fennell (Down Under) vs. Maiwak Da'goot (Hillcrest)

152 Pounds: Mansabory Corde (Odenton) vs. Monyae Gregory (Upton)

152 Pounds: Travis Roberts (Ground Control) vs. Jonathn Burrs II (Headbangers)

165 Pounds: Tavon Body (Headbangers) vs. Aaron Anderson (Mack Lewis)


Unknown said...

Who won 152 pound open laat night? Theirbare no results posted.

Gary Digital Williams said...

I haven't received results from last night. I won't get those until Monday or Tuesday of this week. I was at the DC Armory last night.