Friday, November 13, 2015

Weights From Springfield!

Here is the scale watch for the Jeter Promotions/RBA Promotions card at the ABC Sports Complex in Springfield, VA:

Luther Smith 210 vs. Malcom Ware 292

Edgar Torres 149 vs. Aloric Carson (will weigh in tomorrow)

Drayvontay Speed-Rawls 143 vs. Shonta Barnes 142

Brendan Barrett 251 vs. Schuyler Marshall 326

Rolando Chinea 139 vs. Christian Steele 140

Brian Mendoza 147 vs. Eddie Cordova 148

Tyler Howard 167 vs. Jess Noriega 167

Ian Green 170 vs. Travis Davidson 176

Jerome Featherstone 163 vs. Bobby Gaither 166

John Joe Nevin 134 vs. DeWayne Wisdom 132

Alexandru Marin 126 vs. Stephon McIntyre 132

Cobia Breedy 135 vs. Brian Raglan (will weigh-in tomorrow)

We will have live audio coverage of this card beginning at 8 PM ET on the Boxing Along The Beltway Google App for Android as well as on the Boxing Along The Beltway pages on and

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