Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Beltway Officials To Work Olympic Trial Qualifiers In September!

BATB has received word that two Beltway officials will be working at the Men's and Women's Olympic Trial Qualifiers September 6-12.

Highly-decorated amateur referee and judge Brent Bovell of DC will be traveling to Philadelphia, PA to work the men's qualifier.  Bovell is one of only two referees from the Beltway region that has qualified to work Olympic boxing matches (the other was US Naval Academy boxing coach Jim McNally who has retired as a referee).  Bovell has also made positive strides as a pro referee and judge in recent years.

Another DC native, LaTasha Washington, will work at the women's qualifier in Baltimore, MD.  Washington, a former amateur boxer, has made significant movement as a referee and judge over the past few years.  Washington worked the USA Junior Olympics tournament in Charleston, WVA in June.

This has been a very positive year of advancement and recognition for Beltway amateur officials.  In May, Timothy Ryan of Baltimore was named an Outstanding Referee at the National Golden Gloves in Las Vegas, NV.

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