Friday, June 12, 2015

Beltway Wins Three Gold, Three Silver at Junior Olympic Nationals!

We are receiving word that six boxers from the Beltway region have won medals at the 2015 National Golden Gloves at the Charleston Civic Center in Charleston, WVA.

Three of the locals have captured gold medals:  Quincey Williams (Bantam, 80 pounds), Ragahleek Bartee (Intermediate, 75 pounds) and Jalil Hackett (Bantam, 85 pounds).  Richard Dodson (PeeWee, 9-10, 65 pounds), Tyreek Williams (Bantam, 75 pounds) and Thomas Coe (PeeWee, 9-10, 85 pounds) are bringing home silver medals.

This is only a partial list, we hope.  We have not heard from the South Atlantic Region or Northern Virginia as of yet.

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tommy coe said...

Thomas Coe brought home Silver Medal as well