Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cyprian Khumalo, Host Of Internet DMV Sports Show and Former Boxer, Passes At 41!

Sad news to report.  Internet broadcaster and former boxer Cyprian "CP" Khumalo passed away last week at the age of 41.  The cause of death was unknown.

Mr. Khumalo, a native of South Africa, lived in Maryland and had a very short stint as a pro boxer in 2012. Mr. Khumalo later turned his attention to the coverage of boxing and other sports through his DMV Sports Zone YouTube series.  Not only was boxing covered on the show but also what Mr. Khumalo called "grass roots" sports such as youth and club soccer, football and tennis.

There is a memorial service planned for Mr. Khumalo in the near future.  The funds are limited for a proper burial in the United States.  There is a GoFundMe page that is raising money for final expenses.  Here is the link:  Please give whatever you can.

On a personal note, this is a tough loss for me.  CP was someone that had a lot of passion for coverage of local sports.  He reminded me a lot of myself in my younger days when I covered DC high school football and basketball and when I started covering Beltway Boxing. That passion and enthusiasm that CP had will truly be missed.

The two of us crossed paths at a number of events before I met CP formally at the Champion Class boxing event at  UDC in May of 2013. CP was working on a documentary called "Why We Box."  CP interviewed me for the documentary and I helped him get other interviews for the project.

I was blessed to be one of CP's first in-studio guests when he started his DMV Sports Zone series.  The interview turned out to be a very frank discussion about the Beltway Boxing scene in 2013.  Here is the video. Please take a few moments to watch:

Also, CP videotaped one of our BATB Post-Fight Wrap-Up shows one night.  The night was long and very busy for us but lugging a camera around all evening took its toll on CP and he barely stayed awake long enough to finish the video.  It was a great moment.

Again, this is a tough loss for not only the Beltway Boxing community but also the local sports community.  Cyprian "CP" Khumalo was a friend to both and he, again, will truly be missed.


Juan Marshall said...

I'm always saddened when I've had the opportunity to make a friend and find out that they have passed away. You'll be missed Cyprian! R.I.P

mike wright said...

Man terrible news r.i.p fam.....


Sportsman and entrepreneur, Cyprian was a unique and unforgettable man. He will be missed by all who knew him.

shermassnigga said...

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