Thursday, April 30, 2015

Trainer Hunter Dissects Mayweather-Pacquiao!

The Washington Post's Gene Wang has a video online with Headbangers head trainer Barry Hunter showing what Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao need to do to be victorious on May 2.

Hunter gets assistance in his demonstration from Beltway Boxers Anthony Peterson and Mike "Yes, Indeed" Reed.  The video is packaged with a Rick Mease article on Mayweather.

Here's the link:


Anonymous said...

Pacman's footwork is going to be the factor in this fight. I see Mayweather coming and try to outbox Pac. But Pac's footwork will frustrate May and will not land a significant punch. That will bring mayweather closer and get caught by Pac's hard punches. Lets see how May will react then.

I know he had been hit hard by Shane mosley and Zab. Those guys conneced only one punch at a time. Pacman will throw bunch at a time. And will land 2, 3 ,4 at times

Lets see how Mayweather response to those punches.

My son thinks Mayweather is too big and will knock out Pacman. But I think Pacman will have good strategy like Ray Leonard when he fought Tommy Hearns and will KO mayweather in later round.

Gary Digital Williams said...

Nice analysis, Han! Appreciate that!

Anonymous said...

Pacquiao didnt have a plan to beat Mayweather. Pac was attacking Mayweather the same way he did to his other opponents. Same Pac vs better smarter Mayweather. No contest.