Monday, March 16, 2015

Results From This Weekend's Washington Golden Gloves!

Here are the results from this weekend's action at the Washington Golden Gloves at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD:


Novice Division:

132 Pounds: Stephen Epps (Rosedale) over Joshua Woodard (Headbangers)

141 Pounds: Joshua Lee (UMAR) over Eric Middleton (NOMIS)

178 Pounds: Darryl Lane (Enigma) over Leonard Poe (Hillcrest)

Winners by Walkover:

123 Pounds: Delonte Rawlings (Old School) 

132 Pounds:  Donnell Poe (Old School)

152 Pounds:  David Bakker (Laurel)

165 Pounds:  Stephaun Hobbs (The Answer)

201 Pounds:  Alvin Amana (Lights Out)

Open Division:  

123 Pounds: Marcus Wright (Unattached) over Cesar Rojas (Sugar Ray Leonard)

132 Pounds:  Mack Allison IV (Upton) over James Early (Woodland)

141 Pounds:  Sammie Smith (Headbangers) over Gregory Outlaw (Sugar Ray Leonard)

141 Pounds:  Bryan Alevar (Sugar Ray Leonard) over Montell Pridgett (UMAR)

152 Pounds: Shynggskhan Tazhibay (Headbangers) over Kevin Ottley (Mack Lewis)

165 Pounds: Jerome Featherstone (Unattached) over Mark Duncan (Headbangers)

165 Pounds:  Tavon Body (Headbangers) over Gregory Clark (NOMIS)

Winners by Walkover:

123 Pounds: Christopher Glenn (Hagerstown)

141 Pounds:  Gary Antuanne Russell (Enigma)

165 Pounds:  Jordan Payne (Woodland)

Here are the results from Sunday's action:

Junior Division:

13, 112 Pounds (Championship):  Stacey Selby (No Xcuse) over Kyren Harrison (Keystone)

13-14, 120 Pounds (Championship): Donte Baytop (UMAR) over Edwin Angel Ramirez (The Answer)

15, 125 Pounds (Championship): Criss Dzringa (Mobtown) over Devon Smith (Diamonds N Da Ruff)

16, 123 Pounds (Championship): Nyles Mason (Dream Team) by DQ over Samuel Allen (Loch Raven)

15, 139 Pounds (Championship): Siete Shuler (No Xcuse) over Chayce Jawers (Loch Raven)

14-15, 139 Pounds Female (Championship):  Zoria Curry (UMAR) over Moniya Walker (NOMIS)

Unopposed Champions:

8, 70 Pounds: Jelani Hill (No Xcuse)

10, 72 Pounds: Benjamin Johnson (Cherry Lane)

11, 85 Pounds: Erick Acosta (Main Street)

14-15, 95 Pounds: Kevon Cooke (No Xcuse)

13-14, 106 Pounds: Charmar Flowers (Unattached)

15, 106 Pounds (Female): Jasmine Garland (UMAR)

15, 119 Pounds (Female): Amiyah Moore (NOMIS)

15-16, 118 Pounds: Jordan Hunter (Keystone)

14, 115 Pounds: Marquis Ballon (Rosedale)

15, 132 Pounds: Ameer Brown (The Answer)

13-14, 147 Pounds: Michael Tymas (No Xcuse)

13-14, 150 Pounds: Derrick Brown, Jr. (Mobtown)

14, 155 Pounds (Female): Asya Brown (The Answer)

Winner By Walkover:  

14-15, 114 Pounds: Philbert Griffith (Sugar Ray Leonard)

Novice Division: 

114 Pounds:  Elliott Strickland (Lights Out) over Melad Attsshy (Baltimore Boxing)

141 Pounds:  Evgueny Metchenov (Laurel) over Luis Castellanos (Old School)

201+ Pounds: Jimmy Speros (Olympia) RSC-3 over Jeff Ansah (Keystone)

Unopposed Champion:

143 Pounds (Female): Destiny Day-Owens (Loch Raven)

Open Division:

141 Pounds: Emmanuel Rodriguez (Down Under) over Jahmal Dyer (Loch Raven)

201 Pounds: Stephon Morris (UMAR) over Timothy Lee (Enigma)

Winners By Walkover:

123 Pounds: Hector Soto (Down Under)

132 Pounds: Tommy Avelar (Sugar Ray)

152 Pounds: Nigel Fennell (Down Under)

165 Pounds: Jason Bell (No Xcuse)

178 Pounds:  Justin Bell (No Xcuse)

The semi-finals continue on Saturday, March 21 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center beginning at 7:30.  We will post the bout sheet sometime on Monday.

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