Friday, February 20, 2015

Bout Sheet For First Night Of Washington Golden Gloves!

Here is the bout sheet for the first night of the Washington Golden Gloves championships which will take place on Saturday, February 21 at the Sugar Ray Leonard Boxing Center in Palmer Park, MD.

Junior Division:

Age 8-9, 70 Pounds:  Marcell Steele (Headbangers) vs. Damari Philson (No Excuse)

Age 11, 75 Pounds (Championship): Quincey Williams (Kenilworth) vs. Anthony Wheeler (Keystone)

Age 13, 78 Pounds (Championship): Joseph Gordan (Kenilworth) vs. Tyreece Johnson (Headbangers)

Age 11-12, 80 Pounds (Championship): Muhammad Robinson (Upton) vs. Jahmal Harvey (Keystone)

Age 9, 85 Pounds (Championship): Thomas Coe, Jr. (Lights Out) vs. Khaliq Harrison (Keystone)

Age 12, 95 Pounds (Championship):  Daylynn Jones (#11 Overcomers) vs. Maximus Garland (Headbangers)

Age 14-15, 95 Pounds: Lamar Odems (Kenilworth) vs. Kevon Cooke (No Excuse)

Age 13-14, 106 Pounds:  Lamont Odems (Kenilworth) vs. Chamar Flowers (Unattatched) 

Age 13, 112 Pounds: Kyron Curry (UMAR) vs. Stacey Selby (No Excuse)

Age 13-14, 120 Pounds: Donte Baytop (UMAR) vs. Malcolm Lowery (Old School)

Age 14-15, 125 Pounds: Chris Dzaringa (Mobtown) vs. Anthony Eatmon (Woodland)

Age 13-14, 139 Pounds: Jaharree Mack (Enigma) vs. Nasheed Smith (Headbangers)

Age 15-16, 152 Pounds:  Corey Russ (Woodland) vs. Jasaye Stephens (Hagerstown)

Age 15-16, 178 Pounds: Aziz McIlwain (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Caleb Andrews (Langdon)

Unopposed Junior Champions:

Age 11, 60 Pounds: Jordan Roach (No Xcuse) 

Age 11, 66 Pounds: Kardann Chatman (Unattatched)

Age 10-11, 72 Pounds: Tyreek Williams (The Answer)

Age 14, 70 Pounds: Nikko Williams (Headbangers)

Age 10, 80 Pounds: Deric Graves (Unattached)

Age 12, 90 Pounds: Dennis Zeigler (Unattached)

Age 12, 100 Pounds: Osei Akinyele (Headbangers)

Novice Division:

123 Pounds: Daquan White (Woodland) vs. Delonte Rawlings (Old School)

132 Pounds: Stephen Epps (Rosedale) vs. Michael Nelson (Keystone)

141 Pounds: Tyree Banks (NOMIS) vs. Dorian Bostic (UMAR)

141 Pounds: Evgueny Metchenov (Laurel) vs. Brandon Etheridge (Hillcrest)

152 Pounds: Yohanes Rezene (Lights Out) vs. Antoine Artis (Woodland)

165 Pounds: Aaron Liang (Raw Assassin) vs. Maurice Stokes (UMAR)

165 Pounds: Deonte Duck (Mack Lewis) vs. Quinton Taylor (Tony's Athletic Club)

165 Pounds: Rashad Quarles (Sugar Ray Leonard) vs. Maxwell Hulsh (NOMIS)

165 Pounds: Tavaughn Williams (Unattached) vs. Wesley Best (Enigma)

165 Pounds: Jalil Hunter (Headbangers) vs. Aaron Anderson (Mack Lewis)

165 Pounds: Deion Robertson (Keystone) vs. Verard Roberts (Langdon)

The Golden Gloves will be at the Sugar Ray Leonard Center, located at 7700 Barlowe Road in Palmer Park, MD for the next four Saturdays -- February 28, March 7 as well as the semifinals on March 14 and March 21.

The Washington Golden Gloves Finals and the Regional Golden Gloves will still be in Waldorf, MD but they will be in a brand new location -- the Waldorf Capital Clubhouse -- located at 3033 Waldorf Market Place in Waldorf.  The Washington Finals will be on Saturday, April 4 and the Regionals take place on Saturday, April 25.  The starting time for all events this year will be 7:30 PM.

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