Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Beltway Year-End Awards Begin January 12!

The annual Beltway Boxing Year-End Awards will begin on Monday, January 12.  On Sunday, January 11, we will have our summary of 2014..and what a year it was.

Part of the reason why we are a little late this year is because so much happened in 2014 that Juan Marshall and I wanted to take our time in our selections for the following catergories:

Rookie of the Year

Prospect of the Year

Bout of the Year

Knockout of the Year

Card of the Year

Boxer of the Year.

So join us next week for our summary and award selections!


ACW said...

KO of the Year: Mario Flores-Christian Pittman.

Brian Bradford said...

Make sure you post it in the Real Sports Talk group.

Brian said...

Demond Nicholson KO of Lestor Gonzalez