Thursday, November 13, 2014

Results From Amateurs In Baltimore!

My thanks to the folks from South Atlantic Association of USA Boxing for the results from the amateur portion of tonight's card.

Sharif Rahman, the youngest son of former undisputed world heavyweight champion Hasim Rahman, won the featured bout.  Rahman, representing the Upton Gym, defeated Jesse Singletary of Keystone Boxing in an open 165 pound contest.

In another open bout, Shunggyskan Tazhibay, now out of the Headbangers gym, won a decision over Kevin Ottley of the Mack Lewis Gym at 152 pounds.

Also, Osei Akinyele from Headbangers won over Ishawn Nelson of Upton at 100 pounds.

In all-Upton contests, Okezie Okoro won over Ibrahim Robinson at 95 pounds while Muhammad Robinson defeated Cuttino Oliver at 90 pounds.

We will kick off the pro portion momentarily with Stephon McDonald of Baltimore, MD (3-0, two KO's) taking on Sydney McCow of Irvington, NJ (0-1). Four rounds, lightweights.

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