Saturday, November 15, 2014

Good Evening From The Patriot Center!

Hi again from the campus of George Mason University and the Patriot Center for the card that features the rematch between Tony Jeter and Jimmy Lange.

In our poll 68 people think Lange will win while 58 chose Jeter.  Six people think this bout will end in a draw.

We are getting ready for our first contest as "Sugar" Ray Terry of Lynchburg, VA (1-0, one KO) battles Kevin Bartlett of Eden, NC (0-4).  Four rounds, super middleweights.

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Neal Bobys said...

While the undercards were pretty easy to predict, nobody could have expected the excitement of the Nelson-Cisneros or Lange-Jeter bouts. This was boxing at its best, with toe-to-toe poundings being handed out to all.