Monday, November 03, 2014

Details on Nicholson, Sigmon Losses In Chicago!

We finally have details of the two losses suffered by Beltway Boxers Demond Nicholson and Scott Sigmon at the UIC Pavilion in Chicago, IL on November 1.

Craig Wick of was ringside and reported on the contests.  First, Nicholson's sixth round TKO loss to Lekan Byfield of Augusta, GA.

"The first three rounds were not kind to Byfield, as he was outboxed in round one, knocked down in round two, and picked apart in round three. The fight changed dramatically in round four, when Byfield landed a huge right hand that dropped Nicholson on the seat of his pants. The referee ruled it a slip but it was obvious that Nicholson’s legs now had a mind of their own. In round five, Nicholson boxed from the outside and it appeared as if the underdog’s advantage had passed. Undeterred, Byfiel d marched forward in round six and found another big right hand that landed to the head of Nicholson, dropping him hard in a neutral corner. Beating the count, it was apparent that he was spent goods, and this was reaffirmed seconds later when a combination dropped him again, this time in his own corner. The Laurel, Maryland fighter bravely beat the count, however the contest was wisely waved off at the 1:42 mark."

Nicholson suffers his first pro loss and he is 10-1, 10 KO's.  Byfield is now 7-6-2 and scores his first pro knockout.

Sigmon was stopped by Caleb Truax of Osseo, MN in the eighth round.

 "Truax’s blueprint was established early on, as he effectively raked Sigmon with heavy hooks to the body and solid right hands to the head. Sigmon fought back gamely, however other than an occasional right hand he was rarely in the fight. Truax continued committing to the body, but heavy shots upstairs had the ringside physician looking on with concern as round seven began. Early in the round, the ringside physician was again called up to inspect Sigmon’s eyes, with both appearing cut and beginning to swell. Action was allowed to resume however, and Truax resumed breaking down Sigmon, strafing him with left hooks and straight right hands to the head. After Sigmon was curiously deducted a point for holding in round eight, the end came moments later when Truax backed him up against the ropes and landed several jarring combinations, prompting the referee to intervene. Time of the stoppage was 1:42 of round eight."

Sigmon said on social media that he suffered broken ribs early in the contest.  Sigmon is now 24-6-1, 13 KO's while Truax is 25-1-2, 15 KO's.

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