Sunday, October 26, 2014

Cummings Wins Unanimous Decision Over Mack In New Jersey!

It's been a good weekend for Beltway Boxers in New Jersey.  On Friday night, Antoine Douglas and Glenn Dezurn captured victories in Somerset.  Then on Saturday night at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen, NJ, Baltimore, MD light heavyweight Cory "Black Ice" Cummings won a six-round unanimous decision over Yusef "Mack Attack" Mack of Philadelphia, PA.

Here is a report on the bout from Kurt Wolfheimer of

Cummings came out strong and immediately muscled Mack to the ropes. Surprisingly, Mack got caught while exchanging and dropped to his knees from two left hooks. Mack rose to his feet and Cummings attacked like a bull, but Mack put him to the canvas with a right hand. Referee Sammy Viruet incorrectly called it a slip and wiped off the gloves. The shorter Cummings was glued to Mack’s chest and continued to bang away. In the final thirty seconds, Mack turned it around with a huge right hand that forced Cummings to fall into the ropes. It should have been scored another knockdown, but veteran referee Sammy Viruet missed the call again by not calling anything.

Cummings looked out of gas in the second round as Mack with his back to the ropes banged two good body shots. Mack did not continue the attack, as he was also running on empty. Cummings turned him around and did some good work off his own. Mack would not get off the ropes, as he chose to fight the bowling ball-like Cummings fight. Mack eventually slipped away, but was again caught with a big shot and was taking a beating against the ropes as the round came to a close.

Mack sent Cummings into the ropes with a good right hand again in the third round. Cummings looked like he knew he could pull the upset and seemed energized as he continued to bang away on the inside. Mack slipped out and stood up Cummings with a left on the button. It would not stop Cummings, who just kept pressing forward. Mack finally began to gain his rhythm in the closing minute with sharp single shots.

It was battle of wills in the fourth, with Cummings pushing Mack to the ropes, but he would not quit and banged his opponent to slide off the ropes. Mack looked to be turning the tide by stepping out of range while landing single shots. Cummings would not let up though and again did his work whenever Mack laid on the ropes.

Cummings was on him like a wet suit, banging away as the fifth round began. Mack tried to regain his composure and box, but Cummings kept his head pressed against his chest. The former USBA champ finally found his mark with a big right as both traded. Mack hurt him again with a right hook. Cummings recovered quickly and got back inside, where he could stay away from Mack’s power until the bell sounded to end the round.

Mack tried desperately to land the big shot in the sixth and final round. He found his mark with a big right hand up top, but Cummings was steel chinned and came back with a left off he own. Mack swung away with a few more good shots, but just couldn’t hurt Cummings as the final bell sounded to end the fight.

The score were tallied and all three judges saw it in favor of Cory Cummings by scores of 59-54, 58-56 and 57-56 respectively.

Cummings is now 18-7-1, 13 KO's while Mack falls to 31-8-2, 17 KO's.

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